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Reply To: Sysmaster Voicemaster DECEPTION>

stanley jobson

the truth about the voicemaster and sysmaster is there is nothing wrong in the product , its the cusotmers who makes things complicated.
Without proper traning if you do anything stupid the DB may crash.
there is no point in talking against a company unless we have a strong reason to point to..
im using 1.8 (the stable version i know) for last 6 months. i have never expericed any problem , because i know the system . For other you may find problem because by doing something stupid will bring the system down.

before using any system , try to understnad what the system can do and what your requirements are. compare it , if matches then buy it. the person who operates voicemaster or anyother GK should have a thorugh understanding about the GK concept.Once you have the knowledge VM is nothing different.

i have worked with SM7000 as well, there is nothing wrong with the product , Im using it for calling card as well as call back.
if guys are facing problems , mail it to me , i will explain why this is happening.