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Reply To: Sysmaster Voicemaster DECEPTION>


Dear guys, so far there is no something similar to voicemaster or sysmaster in the market, the day that you make Asterisk or GNUGK look like a voicemaster, then you will be able to charge whatever you want for the system, by now the only great ability I see here is to argue about the same stupidity again and again, what good you make yourself or others challenging something that already exist, has a place in the market and at this moment is sold like hot bread? better accept it, Sysmaster may have used an opensource gatekeeper but has worked also a lot on the integration of that open source with the database and who says it is a bad equipment is just an idiot with no clue about this, I may have had my problems with support at a given moment and we are talking about voicemaster being developed more than 3 years ago, so it is a long way guys for an equipment sold under a great idea, the integration of multiple services under one single database, whoever feels himself good enough to talk about this challenging it, better look at your own achievments before looking like an idiot in arguments that have no basis.

Keep a positive attitude, help other to solve problems, visit us at if you want to see what we do to help other people that has problems with Voicemaster equipment or Quintum equipment or even Cisco equipment, do you think that all patches released by cisco are because everything works great? problems may always exist, ATA 186 used to be a Comodo little h323 box now is a cisco branded equipment, Sipura used to be a SIP little box, now is a Linksys/Cisco equipment and all this companies were great ideas also, don’t you see the target of great ideas is being sold?

I see here people with No names, no identity probably with comercial interest on sales trying to pound on the pretige of other companies and that is not the purpose of the forum, this forum was designed to help and inform in a positive way what can be done to move forward, I think you got the message guys.