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Reply To: Sysmaster Voicemaster DECEPTION>


I requested a qote from eyebill myself some six month ago, they almost took my eyes, right arm and a leg for it, they sell it based on the amount of minutes that you plan to use, that is not how I want to buy a system.
I am sure eyebill is not the alternative to run traffic, I prefer to give another chance to my voicemaster and keep working with this idea that looks good and the integration is working now, I also tested WebCDR they have a cool billing engine via radius, you also can have your own radius that they collect it from you, you generate statements and change rates directly on they’re systems, Sysmaster in order to make people understand the platform should sell partitioning on active voicemasters, that way a customer could get the know how of working with the equipment and running traffic over it before he jumps into purchasing one.