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Reply To: How to Recover TENOR A800 Lost Password


MikeM, I hate to disagree, but are you saying that the Quintum manual, where it states that reseting unit to factory defaults will reset password, is incorrect?

Restore Factory Defaults
A factory default is a default setting that is configured in the factory before the unit is shipped. We
do not advise that you reset the system back to factory defaults unless advised to do so or if your
system becomes corrupted.
If you choose to restore the factory defaults, all current configuration will be deleted, including your
password. Restoring factory defaults does not change or delete the Tenor’s IP address, subnet mask
or default gateway; you will still be able to communicate with the unit after a reset.
You can set all system configuration settings back to their factory defaults through the Command
Line Interface (CLI) as follows:
1. Access the CLI through a Telnet session. See the Command Line Interface (CLI) guide for more
2. Access the Config-VOIPNetwork-1 prompt.
3. Type setfactory. You will be asked if you are sure you want to set the unit back to factory
4. Type yes to confirm (type no to cancel the restore).
Reset System
The Reset system feature enables you to reset the system, including hardware and software. You can
reset the system through the unit’s Back Panel or through the Command Line Interface (CLI).
Back Panel. Use a blunt, thin object to press in the Reset button, located on Tenor AX’s front panel.
The system will reset.