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Reply To: ADSL (PPPoE) for A800…Please help

Noname to David

This was a while ago, and details are kind of foggy .

What I remember is that I put the Aplio on the DMZ zone and did not work.

But when I did port forwarding, the unit worked O.K.

But later I found out that the Linksys is somehow “H323 friendly”

That means, that after a device that is on the LAN side conects to a device on the outside using H323, the darn switch opens up like a pinhole or tunnel on the switch, betwen the internal address and the outside lan, and keeps it until the unit is powered down.

If you have something like a ATA device on the inside, on the lan, you may not need to do port forwarding at all.

Except that when you change internal I.P. address changes, the packets keep going to the old addreess on the lan.

Somehow the linksys “remembers” that the last packet of thet type used to go to such and I.P.

It goes away and clears when you power it down.

The short version: Do not panic based only on what I said about DMZ.

It very well could have been a operator error.

Or like we say in Texas, the trouble is betwen the chair and the keyboard.