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ADSL (PPPoE) for A800…Please help

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    I think the issue with your modem is the ability to open the UDP and TCP ports back towards the tenor, that is of course if you are setting up the modem as a router at the same time, but I really do not think that option is available on your modem..check it out, as for cisco, you should be able to use it as a router, I can not help you with the conf on the cisco but I am sure someone else reading this might do that, I still can not understand if you can get a cisco how come you can not get a dlink or linksys, they are both cheaper than cisco.



    I will be very interested to know if your solution is posible with the speedtouch pro, since I need to setup the same configuration in about two months.
    That will means one less box in betwen.
    The dream box for me will be the one that have a ADSL modem, a router and a VPN tunnel machine all in one.

    Anyone have seen one????? I think that that will be as extrange as a unicorn.

    Linksys routers are sold for about $50-$75 on the US.

    Any good link to information about the Alcatel speedtouch pro????

    Hi Hwyking and Noname

    I will try both options, the speed touch pro or otherwise i’ll try n get the linksys router from maybe uk.

    For a good link about s p e e d t o u c h p r o, try this one:

    h t t p : / / w w w . p e t r i . c o . i l / t i p s _ a n d _ t r i c k s . h t m

    or you can download the cli guide at:

    h t t p : / / w w w . s p e e d t o u c h d s l . c o m / s u p p o r t . h t m

    I hope i have been of some help to you.

    By the way, I am setting up for some t e r m i n a t i o n and do you think that port forwarding will have any effect on voice packets???(just to make sure)




    Looks like I will be learning something from this.

    I found a page about speedtouch, and they make a DSL modem, with built in router and VPN tunnel capabilities.

    I think that it could be a big solution for Quintum units on ADSL services, since I could build a tunnel end to end and have the Quintums in a static route on internal I.P.

    ABout packeting forwarding or port forwarding on a router: On a real router, the delay should be so minimun that I doubt that will experience any quality issues.

    I have it done with other units, like the Aplio-pro phones and works like a champ.

    Where do you plan to get the speedtouch pro from????

    Hi Noname

    Actually I have the speedtouch home which am gonna get tweaked to pro.

    My second option is the linksys router. I have located a model BEFSR41.

    Let me have ur views.



    I did the same research than you ,I guess.
    I could not locate any speedtouch Pro, with the four ports. Looks like there are not too many .
    Found a lot of links to sites that teach you how to transform a Home version to a Pro version by changing some parameters on it.
    I guess it is worth a try.
    About the Linksys. That is the same model that I have right here on my desk. On my case it is working on cable modem, using dhcp, but i just opened the menu up and it does have the PPOe option on it.
    The only trouble that i ever had with it , it was with the DMZ zone.
    When I tried to put a Aplio Pro phone on the DMZ zoen, it did not work.

    But when I port forward the right ports, It works like a champ.
    Seems like the DMZ zone did not work, but it is a isolated incident, with a very particular piece of equipment (Aplio Pro).

    Good luck,and if you need to run a test to another Quintum Gateway, let me know.
    Write to

    To Noname

    Hi Buddy,

    I am somewhat concerned when you mention DMZ doesn’t work with the Aplio Pro. Have you tried placing the Tenor in DMZ with the Linksys or do you think that port forwarding on the linksys will do the job.


    Noname to David

    This was a while ago, and details are kind of foggy .

    What I remember is that I put the Aplio on the DMZ zone and did not work.

    But when I did port forwarding, the unit worked O.K.

    But later I found out that the Linksys is somehow “H323 friendly”

    That means, that after a device that is on the LAN side conects to a device on the outside using H323, the darn switch opens up like a pinhole or tunnel on the switch, betwen the internal address and the outside lan, and keeps it until the unit is powered down.

    If you have something like a ATA device on the inside, on the lan, you may not need to do port forwarding at all.

    Except that when you change internal I.P. address changes, the packets keep going to the old addreess on the lan.

    Somehow the linksys “remembers” that the last packet of thet type used to go to such and I.P.

    It goes away and clears when you power it down.

    The short version: Do not panic based only on what I said about DMZ.

    It very well could have been a operator error.

    Or like we say in Texas, the trouble is betwen the chair and the keyboard.




    i have an adsl with fixed ip connected to alcatel speedtouch pro and next i have a tenor a800. what options are there for me to put a voip network? what config do i need on the speedtouch pro?thank you everyone



    Do you have only one fixed ip? Have u managed to connect to a carrier and o r i g i n a t e or t e r m i n a t e till now?


    thanks for the reply,
    yes, there is only one fixed ip and connection to a carrier is possible.
    curretly, calls can be made and recieved but sometimes nothing works or one way only.
    i found that rebooting the speedtouch makes calls possible. what do you suggest? is there was possible problem with the speedtouch?

    thanks John


    Hi All,

    Anyway I have a Speedtouch DSL modem 510 and I setting up the DSL to connect to ISP without and PPPOE application on my PC. so you can connect it directly to your ISP and then you can using it as a router and you can open and close any ports using CLI commands or web interface.


    how I can entering the gonfiguration to obtain IP address automatically to the quintum Gateway A400/A800 cauze my ISP use DHCP or router I need manual PFD so My e-mail it has large storge 250MB so please send to me


    Hello everybody ,
    I would like to ask you is it possible to upgrade Aplio Pro to H323 device or SIP device



    Please tell us exactly what does your question have to do with this message thread topic of “ADSL (PPPoE) for A800”

    I would suggest that you if you would like answers you post them to relevant topics or create a new thread.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 30 total)
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