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ADSL (PPPoE) for A800…Please help

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    Hello everybody,

    Am setting up an A800 with adsl (PPPOE) using speedtouch home modem. According to the support ppl of speedtouch, the modem works in transparent bridge mode, ie, any fixed ip supplied will be assigned to the device after the modem, which in my case is the A800.I have a fixed ip from my dsl provider and this has been configured in the Dial Up adapter. How then do I configure the Tenor with the fixed ip and also do i need a switch to connect the modem to the tenor because when i connect both directly, the adsl connection is broken?

    Please advise.




    Well let me start by saying this, first PPPOE is not supported by A400,A800..etc.
    Honestly I can not remember how I did this in the past, to install A800 unit where a speedtouch was in the network All I can say here is if you need to assign the fixed IP address in the tenor:

    Conf unit 1
    ip (type the fixed address)

    If I remember more about speedtouch I will let u know

    Hello Hwyking

    Thank you for the response.

    The tenor and the modem should connect through a switch if am not mistaken because the connection is broken if I connect directly.

    If the fixed IP has been assigned to the Dial-Up, can I still set the same IP in the Tenor.

    I am a bit confused with it all and would request your assistance.

    Thanks again.



    Ok what I added in the past was a linksys router, and I configured it for PPPOE connection, the fixed IP address was assigned in the router and I used NAT on the A800 with private IP address from the linksys assigned in tenor and extip address was the the fixed the ip provided by ISP, I am pretty sure about this, as for the speedtouch there were 2 ways to set it up and I had it configured in a way to pass the connectivity over to the Linksys, basically it was acting as a regular modem with no IP addresses assigned on it.

    email me if u need further assistance

    Dear Hwyking

    Let me first of all take this opportunity to wish you a verry happy new year 2004. Lots of success and god bless.

    I would like to know, if am not using a router, as I have only the tenor and no other PCs, how do I make the connection then between the Tenor and the modem. It will need a switch if am right, cause connecting directly the modem to the Tenor breaks the adsl link.

    I know this sounds quite basic but am in a bit of a chaos here.

    Again, thanks very much for your kind assistance.


    Noname to David

    Hello David.

    The A800 could not handle PPOE. On such a configuration,(PPOE), that is noemal with most ADSL providers, you need to enter a username and password to activate the service. Also, the provider will change the I.P. address every few hours or days.

    In order to connect a A800 to a ADSL service you need:

    Connect the ADSL modem to a switch, something like a linksys, that have a ethernet WAN (to the ADSL modem) and four ports to your local lan.

    That is the first step. That will put you on the net. The Linksys will send the username and password to the ADSL modem when it boots up, and receive from the ADSL modem the I.P. address to use .

    At that point, if you plug a computer or laptop on the LAN side of the Linksys, you should be able to acccess the internet.

    Step number two: The a800 could, in theory, work od a DHCP configuration.

    In such a configuration, you will enbable DHCP on the Linksys and let the Linksys asign an I.P. address to the Quintum , on the range of DHCP addresses selected by you on the Linksys.

    This could work, but only for outgoing calls from the A800 to the Net. You will not be able to receive calls from the net to PBX ports or PSTN.

    The solution: Asign an I.P. address to the Quintum on the LAN side of the Linksys. Make it static.

    Inside the Linksys, port forward all the ports needed by the Quintum from the WAN port to the I.P. address where the quintum is.

    In short, the linksys will do the PPOE login for you and allow to share the conection with a computer.

    The port forwardind will do the “transfer” from WAN to LAN of the packets.

    That is until Quintum wakes up and puts PPOE inside their own boxes , or make them compatible with DDNS.

    Good luck, and do not forget to buy some Tylenol. You will need it.



    you need to make NAT, your Quintum in DMZ .

    bref , vous avez besoin de mettre ce quitum dans une DMZ et utiliser un Routeur qui fait du NAT

    Example :

    your router this is gateway.

    your quitum in DMZ .

    your router accept fast start but not netmeeting (1720)

    Hello Bawttu

    Thanks for the sound advice. I have not yet considered using a router and still in the “Tylenol” phase as suggested to be required by Noname 🙂

    Thanks again.


    Hello Noname

    Thanks for your assistance.

    I have obtained a fixed IP from the dsl provider. As for the modem, it works in transparent bridge and will not accept the IP. If I enable DHCP on the Tenor, do you think then that it will take the fixed IP?

    Regarding the switch you mentioned, is it with a built-in router? Locally, we do not have Linksys models on sale and am on the lookout for a near match.

    The tylenol really helps buddy 🙂


    Noname to David

    Hello again.

    I am lost. You wrote that you have a static I.P. from your ADSl provider.

    That will fix all your troubles.
    You will not need anything in betwen your ADSL modem and the Quintum.

    I am asuming that your ADSL provider gives you the ADSL modem.

    I am asumming also that the ADSL modem have a ethernet conection. eight pins on a flat cable (RJ45).

    If all that is true, all what you need is a cable from the ethernet port of the ADSL modem to the Quintum A800.

    Enter the I.P. given to you by the provider on the Quintum, enter the default gateway and mask information and you should be able to put the Quintum online.

    Is something else diferent on that place???

    Where are you located at????

    Only four tylenol every four hours, even if you drink to forget the troubles.




    Even if u have a fixed IP address from your provider, you have to place a router in between tenor and DSL modem, I would not have explained it better than noname, but this was the reason I told you from the start to place a router, a DLINK, linksys both work fine and great… and by the way just to confirm, even if u enable DHCP in tenor, will not allow you to acquire the IP address in A800, u still need a device(router)to sign w/PPPOE to you provider…that’s it, no other fix except this….


    Hello Hwyking and Noname

    Thanks again guys for the infos. Besides the Tenor I have, I know of you two “TENORS” online with extensive resources and great assistance. But now I have two different views of you both.

    What I have in the setup is:

    The adsl connection and one fixed IP address.

    The Tenor A800

    The Alcatel Speedtouch Home modem.

    “The Tylenol vials”

    Which way do I go experts?


    Noname to David and Hwyking.

    O.K. I stand corrected. Hwyking is correct.

    Even if you have a static I.P. address, you may need the Linksys or equivalent to do the PPOE login and get the I.P. address needed.
    The static I.P. configuration via ADSL and PPOE will require the use of a device that will login,using the PPOE protocol.

    Them we are back to the point explained before. Using a router to login, and forward the ports from WAN static I.P. address to the static LAN I.P. address where the quintum is.

    The trouble that you are facing is that the speedtouch Alcatel modem is looking for a P.C type of device on the drop side.
    That P.C. is suposted to be the one with the software to do the PPOe login.

    That is why you will need a router in betwen.

    Are you in a place where getting a linksys or similar will be too dificult????

    The other option that I heard about goes like this:

    Install a P.C directly to the Alcatel modem.
    That P.C. will have two diferent NIC cards. One will be conected to the provider (Alcatel modem) ,and the other port will be connected to the Quintum, via a little hub or reversed cable.

    The computer will do the PPOE handling, and act as a router for the packets going trought the other port for the Quintum.

    Disclaimer: I have seen it done with sattellite service, for P.C. ‘s user only. I do not know if that will work on a VOIP setup.
    It may not due to the computer putting delay on the packet processing.
    When I saw it done, the PC was running windows 2000.

    If I was you, I will stick to something easy, like a samll router.

    Let us know!!!!!!!!


    OK it is my turn now, I have to correct myself 2, In adition to what I suggested in my last posting as a solution, beside the router, Noname added another fix, that is the PC to be used as a login method to the ISP using PPPOE, I have to say here though that I have done that very briefly only on XP PRO pc but the tricky part was with the ports and traffic you allow back towards your internal network behind the PC which is tenor at this point.
    But again router is the easiest fast fix, try that first.


    To Hwyking and Noname


    Ok, what if i use a speedtouch Home Pro. This model has an in built router which i guess will perform the same basic functions.

    Its not easy to locate standalone routers here (the less expensive ones). The only one I will be able to find will be probably a cisco…am on a shoestring budget buddies!!

    Let me have ur views.

    Thanks again


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 30 total)
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