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Reply To: VOIP into a PBX


Hello, everybody;

This problem seems to affect other Webswitch 100 P4 users. Upon power-up, the lights flash one after another while device boots but the power light never gets on. This happened after I performed a reset on the unit (by going off-hook on port 1 and pressing ‘*’ for about 30 sec. I once left it powered off overnight and it booted normally but I had no access to the unit through the manager, so I performaed the reset again, but now, after 2 days unplugged, the problem persists. A thought is that there might be some static or electrically charge condenser that would require to be discharged, but not knowing where to put the screwdriver seems as a dangerous proposition. Does anybody know how to solve this issue? Note: You cannot reset the unit if the power led isn’t on, as no current will go to the FXS ports and the phone will not work. Nevertheless, the LAN port is active, so another solution would be to try to access it via TELNET. Does anybody have the USERID/PASSWORD to access teh unit via telnet?
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