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Reply To: VOIP into a PBX


About reseting the Webswitch 100 to factory. The original box did not have a way to reset it. Newer versions aparently got a patch that involved going off hook in a specific line and dialing a digit for a long period 9something like 30 seconds) to reset the box.

I saw it once, but I did not write it down and I do not know the steps.
I also have the password to telnet into the box, if anyone interested in trying to work on it via Unix.

About getting 4 circuits via internet.
A quintum A400 on each end wil a cost efective way to do it. It allows up to four calls at the same time, and could have phones or PSTN lines attached to it.

Quality is good on all the codecs. With a low latency link is better than a digital phone.