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Reply To: Voicemaster feedback anyone?

Embittered Alfie

Someone has just pointed out this thread to me, and I have just read thru with interest.

Its likely that the folks posting these positive comments about this platform are Sysmaster sales folks or some other employees ..

Reliance on this platform practically killed off my business, and I know some other folks in the same shoes.

We are in a position now where we are now scarmbling for alternatives to salvage something of our business.

I will be contacting the and folks to commence looking at cost-effective alternatives.

If you are considering this platorm, well don’t say you were not warned. Its OK if things work, but what will you do when they don’t and your vendor sticks two fingers at you and just ignores you. Will things go wrong, well almost always guarrantteed, because they have a policy of using their customers as beta-testers for software version releases which have not been tested at all. Then we you ‘dare’ to report a problem, they first tell you that there is nothing wrong, then soon follow it up with a recommendation for a new module.

Good lukc if you buy the platform, you will certainly need it for the survival of your business.