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Reply To: Voicemaster feedback anyone?

Shadreck Nkala

I have noted Eddie’s comments.I have no doubt that his Voicemaster works and he is happy.Iam glad that he also has noted that the equipment is complex and needs a lot of guidance for some one new to this equipment.I believe that we have an 8-5 support from Symaster.But the point is the equipment is still not working after several promises that they assist.It is true that we could have returned the equipment before 30 days.The fact is that 30 days have passed. We were hoping that this could be solved and we still hope that we can get some one like eddie with sufficient experience on this system who can help by starting us off.
Judging from the comments on this forum, I have no doubt that the equipment works,but it needs some one to help us.If there is some one from Symaster listening, I would appreciate intervention from the company, with appropriate advise.