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Reply To: Voicemaster feedback anyone?

John M.

Voicemaster is a great billing solution, the idea of integrating a gatekeeper to it was a good idea, however the gatekeeper running has some problems:
1) If you send calls to a voicemaster from a Shout 2500 the fact that calls are generated with the same identification (Not supported under RFC for H323) this will make the Voicemaster Gatekeeper to reload and drop all the calls connected in a constant basis.
2) If you want to send calls to another voicenaster you have to make sure you have the SoftSwitch Module
3) Modules are not described or explained at all
4) There is no manual or spec sheet that can guide you thru any of the voicemaster’s modules or equipment module, all is sudden very confusing when comes time to purchase an equipment and the basic configuration of 25 to 28 thousands can easily get to 38 thousand with some modules that you never expected you needed to do this or that.

Summary: I recomend to purchase the basic voicemaster as a billing solution, get a 3660 or a 3745 from cisco with the IP switching module for ip to ip calls and use an external Cisco 7206 VXR as a gatekeeper.
Then you have something that definitely will work.
One more thing ( DO NOT EXPECT TECHNICAL SUPPORT ON THE PHONE ) No one answers after office hours, only emails, refuse the 24×7 technical service because you will not have it, if you do not believe me, call yourselves to the 1-800 number for support and let me know your results.