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Reply To: Quintum 800

Mat @ Blue Lava

Hi Pavan,

If you want to do anything useful with your Quintum, for example set up routes etc. you will need to communicate with the unit via telnet, the Command Line Interface.

There are a couple of ways to send calls from the PBX ports to a certain number (depending on what you are trying to achieve).

If the number is reached through another gateway you need to set up a route on your Quintum. You can do this in the “be” section of the CLI under config. Set your self up a static route to the gateway desired for that number. For example, if I wanted to route telephone number 1 234 567 to IP address I would do the following:

At the Quintum prompt type:
> co be sroute 1
(assuming you don’t already have a static route numbered 1).

Then type:
> callsig
> dn 1 1234567 0 0 2

This will send any calls with a dn=1234567 to IP with a priority of 2.

Obviously you need to set up the rest of your gateways other features but this should give you a head start.

Hope it helps.