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Reply To: Quintum 800

Mat @ Blue Lava

Hi Nana,

The quick answer is YES.

The slightly longer answer is dependant on what you are trying to acheive and your network infrastructure.
There are two ways to set up a route on the Quintum – A Static route, for example one gateway sending to another gateway which you know the IP address of OR a GateKeeper route – where the gateway sends the phone number dialled to the GateKeeper and asks what IP address to send it to.

If your Tenor has a different IP address (using DHCP) every time it turns on then people will find it hard to send you traffic using a static route – you would have to inform them of your new IP number every time you restarted the device. Also if you are SENDING traffic to somebody you may have to inform them of your new IP number if they are only allowing contact from known gateways.

If you use a GateKeeper instead this all becomes much simpler. Every time you restart the Tenor it will get an IP address from the DHCP server and then register with the GateKeeper using that IP address. If you have set up a phone number on the Quintum it will also register that with the GateKeeper so other people will know how to find you.

There are some different rules depending on the type of GK etc. but I hope that this gives you a head start.

Mat –