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Reply To: Answer supervision


Around and around it goes! The bottom line is yes, the AS5300 does support the correct signaling for this configuration. Select E&M Immediate Start at the T1 controller. The CAC channel bank does operate under these conditions, but there are caveats. First, we assume that the CAC has FX0/DPT interface boards, and secondly, their is an assumtion that the analog lines have “Battery Reversal” on them. Mohamed had it right all along, the results given his configuration would be all calls are billable (and other problems), or if the leads are reversed on the analog lines then you get a one-way audio stream. This is so because Cisco does not connect through the audio channel until it get’s a connect message (A/B Bit Answer), so caller hears ring-back called party never hears. The solution was as indicated by severl postings, either buy an intelligent channel bank, or get “Battery Reversal” on the analog lines.