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Answer supervision

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    Saeid Kangavari

    Mr. Mohammad Saman

    I am looking for a E1 channel bank with Answer supervision capability.
    Could you please help me.


    Mr. Kangavari,

    check out for E1 channel banks with answer supervision.

    Mohammad Saman

    Dear Saeid

    Try Pleiades P32MXI as TAC and Junior have mentioned above. They work quite well using a DSP voice/tone distinction algorithm. They are a bit expensive though. You might want to try to have design an add on piece for you. Essentially you need a filter that will differentiate between Voice and other signals on your 4Khz band. I am just trying to point out cheaper solutions.


    Hi guys
    I found TENOR analog gateway which can communicate with CISCO
    ‘ comes with 4 or 8 ports FXO/FXS
    ports , it gives answer supervision too , so U dont need channel Bank , it works only on H.323 , I think they are working on SIP too,
    I think they have the best product


    Are you certain that the TENOR has answer supervision (like the Pleaides does) or is it simply using timing to spoof answer supervision?

    What price did you get the TENOR for?

    Sam Tomar

    Hi All
    According to new software Tenor can do real answer supervision on analog gateways only , 8 ports or 4 ports , by using this U dont need channel bank ,this can save lot of money , I am using only tenor for International VOIP application and I think they are the best in VOIP market

    Mohammad Saman

    Ho HO HO ! Merry Christmas to all my Christian friends here 🙂 So can anyone tell me about this Tenor solution and a product number and pricing please ? Cheers !


    does anyone have some sample configs of the MC3810 forwarding a VOIP call to a 1750 with fxs’s
    having problems routing the call.



    I am also planning to use P32mxi with NMS AG4000 E1 Board. But I haven’t purchased the P32mxi yet. If you could get them to work together, can you send me the configuration?


    Around and around it goes! The bottom line is yes, the AS5300 does support the correct signaling for this configuration. Select E&M Immediate Start at the T1 controller. The CAC channel bank does operate under these conditions, but there are caveats. First, we assume that the CAC has FX0/DPT interface boards, and secondly, their is an assumtion that the analog lines have “Battery Reversal” on them. Mohamed had it right all along, the results given his configuration would be all calls are billable (and other problems), or if the leads are reversed on the analog lines then you get a one-way audio stream. This is so because Cisco does not connect through the audio channel until it get’s a connect message (A/B Bit Answer), so caller hears ring-back called party never hears. The solution was as indicated by severl postings, either buy an intelligent channel bank, or get “Battery Reversal” on the analog lines.


    I have a clarent gateway connected to a Pleiades channel bank. Everything works fine except for when using the timers for answer supervision, we have one way voice until the timer expires, then the AB bits go high and the call is connected (2 way voice). IF anyone knows a work around for this please let me know. Thanks.


    what’s the actual meaning of answer supervision by the way? How does it help to solve the can can’t be released problem? anyone enlighten me please.

    Hi all,

    I am still waiting any help about configuration P32mxi with NMS AG4000 E1 Board .

    Thank you.



    Attach the P32mxi craft cable to a computer running PcAnywhere.

    Ken will be able to provide the support you need from there.

    He is very good.

    Have some country information available also.

    Maybe send the country and city it is installed in to him in the e-mail before hand.


    For JMD :
    the problem you are experiencing is caused by the network not creating the RTP voice path until the answer supervision is received. Since you are using the timer option instead of VAD you will not get a voice path until the timer expires which may be well after the caller has actually answered. There are two solutions. 1) find a way in Clarent to enable the RTP path (in Cisco this would be VOICE RTP SEND-RECV command) 2) Change to the better VAD approach which will cause the RTP to be created when the caller answers. Hope this helps.

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 103 total)
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