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Reply To: call center in pakistan


It is interesting to see this place is transforming into a “hot-spot” for a constructive debate in the public domain.Certainly Pakistan and India both are geared to take giant leaps in the dynamic call-center industry. Many locals and foreigners are now promising to bring businesses from overseas. However the million dollar question remains are we back home fully prepared to implement solutions to maximise business potential- or we are just racing against each other trying to take lead – at least this is what I am gathering here. Point is not about starting a call center business because it sounds lucrative option but the question is how fast we can attract multinational companies to give us the chunk in order to meet the infrastructure and operating costs. Indeed few call-centers claiming to hit the jack-pot but what about others, are they having the same fate .Enterprising skills are extremely important element and that means having solid education and technical background together with pool of resources and obviously high level commercial and business expertise. We shouldn’t forget the key element of “demographics” when starting up a call center business as well. Call-center is a very sophisticated venture and requires total comimtment. Many of us wrongly anticipating as if it is like a a public call office or internet cafe which can be easily opened and then “put on sale” in classified news section, if not successful. Pakistanis /Indians with overseas background have competitive advantage because of their business contacts but they lack local expertise and vice versa. We specially as Pakistanis are good in following trends but avoid hard work and home work. We like to dream alot and keep dreaming about getting rich over-nite. On the other hand Indians always enter with commitment and “do or die” philosophy and thats why they definitely have temperament and now India is a “role-model” in IT industry. It is fascinating that many Pakistanis arguing here which city in particular offers more potential. We should always think alike and force our energies in developing unity and promoting and projecting Pakistan as one country. It is good that cities should compete in terms of taking excellence. Karachi is considered as the nerve center for Pakistan and Lahore is its heart. And this is a beautiful combination .