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Reply To: Pakistan-destination for call centers

malik muhammad imran

salam to all,
dear’s call center business is getting huge as day passes.
we(me & my friend name also imran)want to start a call center but we see no information no giudence no advice etc at govt level and as i click this page i thought that i got right path and i can get info n advice’s from this .so dear pakistanie’s let us get togather to make our DEAR PAKISTAN better n better .as our neighbour country is cashing this technology (cc) then why should not we have not sufficent investment? do we have not a skilled personalities?
do we have not hard work person’s?
are we not able to compare international markeet?

yes we have all
but one question
why we r behind?
one reason

we r having lake of information/guidence.
but who will cover this gap
we r someone else?
offcourse ans is we.
try to share all information as much as posible is the only way to fill this gap.

as we(me n my friend) want to set up a CC what we need is just information n guidence.

we will wait for all your sugession’s/guidence……

thank’s for all of you for your precious time.
take care ALLAH HAFIZ