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Reply To: Pakistan-destination for call centers


Respected Saeed Sb AOA:

Your guidance reflects like a blessing from a noble teacher. May I know why do you serve human beings without knowing their identity, race or religion and even without any hope for a reward? I have a great respect in my heart for you.

I would like to draw your attention towards no-calling list, which has exceeded the figure of 55 million by the end of April 2004. How much would this affect call center industry?

2nd burning issue at the moment is quality of the service provided by the companies operating from the offshore for the sake of minimizing expenditures. The complaints are either customer service reps don’t understand the problem or don’t respond properly. And because of this reason many a companies have withdrawn their operations from offshore to US.

3rd important issue I would like to mention is that Global Call Center Summit is in process at St. Louis (3-5 May) where people responsible to outsource the call center business from US will decide their destiny as many a legislations or in process to be presented at the US senate and the state capitals. What do you think what will be the decision. To me; They will raise the point that if we don’t take advantage of this scenario of outsourcing then someone else like Pakistanis or Indians will pick the benefit, then why not us. I think this is the only valid point they can raise in their defense. Let’s see what happens.

Finally about myself I am in the process of preparation and planned to join anyone of the call center as an employee as I think in near future this industry will occupy all other businesses in Pakistan and I am expecting rapid growth of my career in this industry as I am already very much back of time.

Best regards