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Reply To: Setting up a Call Centre in India



I am hoping someone can help me with some information. I am residing in Canada and am
interested in some information for setting up a contact centre in karachi, pakistan.

The information required is the following:
General salaries of people in a Call Center:
. Agent
. Team Leader
. Supervisor
. Contact Center Manager
. IT support
. Trainer
. Project Manager
. HR person
. Financial person
. Clerical
. Sales

. Churn rate per year

Costs for:
. Employer
. Office space (near public transport and food courts )
. Utility percentage for office space
. Office furniture (desk, chair, lockers, kitchen stuff, copy machines). Normally this is a price per
seat (work station).
. Price of ISDN 30 (2 Meg link) per month
. Price for telephone usage for local calls, between pakistan and USA and between pakistan and
. Price of Internet access (2 Meg link) per month

Working environment:
. Amount of hours in the work week
. Efficiency factor (in western world we take 85%)
. Amount of training days per year (on average) in a Contact/Call Center