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    Sam Peasley

    for Service level I am wondering how it is getting the percentage. If I have 21 agents and 57 calls at 1110 duration. with the target 180 ASA it says 80.7%. What is the process in getting that number. Without revealing the formula what is the basics of how it gets that number?

    Tom Howard

    Hi again Sam,

    The calculations is based on Erlang C , a long-established statistical model for analysing systems involving queuing. The algorithms are not our own and a quick google search will turn them up. They make some simple assumptions about the traffic, details of which can be found at the CC-Excel FAQ.

    Calculations are traditionally done the other way round. In other words “how many agents do I need if I want 80% of calls answered within a specified time. We reversed the process for the CCXLService() functions. We have a Windows calculator called Westbay Traffic Calculators that includes Erlang C calculations. Out of interest, I ran your numbers through it to confirm the results matched those from CC-Excel. I also changed the target time to twenty seconds to see the effect, which was to increase the estimated agents required from 21 to 23. Here are some screenshots:

    Westbay Traffic Calculators - Erlang C

    Westbay Traffic Calculators - Erlang C

    All the best,
    Tom H.

    Sam Peasley

    Thank you for the information.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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