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5G Functional Nodes

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    Wallis Dudhnath

    Hi Community,

    Below are Functional Nodes that are associated with a 5G Network. Reference is made to the relevant 3GPP Technical Specification (TS).

    5G-NextGen Core (5GC): Refers to the new 5G core network architecture being developed by 3GPP, we specifically refer to the
    architectural discussions in TS23.501 and TS23.502.

    5G-New Radio (5G-NR): This refers to the new radio access interface developed to support 5G wireless interface. Reference: TS38.300.

    User Plane Function (UPF): UPF is the generalized logical data plane function with context of the UE PDU session. UPFs can play
    many roles, such as, being an flow classifier (UL-CL), a PDU session anchoring point, or a branching point.

    Packet Data Network (PDN or DN): This refers to service networks that belong to the operator or third party offered as a service to the UE (User Equipment).

    Unified Data Management (UDM): Manages unified data management for wireless, wireline and any other types of subscribers for M2M, IOT
    applications, etc. UDM reports Customer related vital information e.g. virtual edge region, list of location visits,
    sessions active etc. UDM works as a Customer anchor point so that means OSS/BSS systems will have centralized monitoring-of/
    access-to of the system to get/set Customer information.

    Authentication Server Function (AUSF): Provides mechanism for unified authentication for subscribers related to wireless,
    wireline and any other types of subscribers such as M2M and IOT applications. The functions performed by AUSF are similar to HSS
    with additional functionalities to related to 5G.

    Session Management Function (SMF): Performs session management functions for attached users equipment (UE) in the 5G Core. SMF
    can thus be formed by leveraging the CUPS feature with control plane session management.

    Access Mobility Function (AMF): Perform access mobility management for attached user equipment (UE) to the 5G core network. The
    function includes, network access stratus (NAS) mobility functions such as authentication and authorisation.

    Application Function (AF): Helps with influencing the user plane routing state in 5GC considering service requirements.

    Network Slicing: This conceptualizes the grouping for a set of logical or physical network functions with its own or shared
    control, data and service plane to meet specific service requirements.

    VBR/ Wallis Dudhnath

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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