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Erlang B

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    120 mobile calls/ hour with an average length of 3 minutes are offered in a busy-hour to a trunk group. What are the business and customer implications of call duration changes to 1.5 minutes and 4.5 minutes

    Dadi Bhote


    You would also need to define an acceptable delay time period for each call to be transferred to an agent. Then use the ERLANG C model to calculate the numbers.

    Dadi Bhote



    this is the first time our center is venturing from pure outbound to a mix of Inbound as well, and our first client is pretty big.

    We have not recieved any data yet from the client in terms of Service Levels and such, but I’m trying to research the dynamics and calculations behind the forecasting recruitment and staffing of an inbound center.

    I have touched briefly on the Erlang calculations, but without any hard data,or experience in Inbound for that matter,it’s a bit difficult to actually speculate call volumes and the like.

    Lets say for example with a client like, an international bank for example, what sort of traffic would we be looking at….

    Dadi Bhote


    Sorry, it is not possible to forecast with absolutely no data . The one concept you will need to keep in mind is that inbound calling is much more exacting than outbound calling. In outbound you have some control on call streams , however in Inbound you have no control and the call stream will depend on the customer and their process.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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