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Some facts about selling

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    Aamir Malik

    Some Facts about Selling

    Once you get used to of pitching your script that’s the time to increase your sales ratio. It will take some time but eventually in two to three days you will get an idea that majority of your consumers are reacting to your calls in a sophisticated way and they are feeling comfortable with your voice and accent but that is something which is the result of practice and continuous speaking to customers. This is my personal experience that once you get used to pitch a sales script a time comes during your shift this time could be for 20 min to 2 hours when a telesales representative picks up rhythm and their convincing power becomes at up most during these calls and they sell like crazy.

    This phase can be achieved by getting maximum product knowledge, 100% verbatim for at least a week 100% verbatim means that follow the script providing by client cause once you read the script it will help you to increase your vocabulary regarding frequently asked questions about the product and by using answers to these questions you can close the sale.

    Telesales Representatives can achieve a reasonable SPH scale if they avoid lying and not giving the correct information about price and quality to customers.

    Honesty is best policy.

    Thank you

    Aamir Malik

    Harris Iqbal


    I am afraid I do not quite agree with you. Tele-marketing is an art that is influenced a lot of factors, including the quality of leads and quality of technological setup. Rhythm apart, experience is something that is vital for an agent, especially to gain the art of selling. As agents gain more experience and spend more time on the telephone, they tend to improve more. Not to say that on any given day they will perform just because they are experienced.

    As for verbatim and being effective, this is a strategy that should be developed based on the campaign and client requirements. Some agents are very good at selling, using their own vocabulary. But this has to be approved by QA, else the client may object.

    Tele-marketing is an art, and requires both inborn skills and experience. Very few people can actually be come very good telemarkters, and those who do, should be valued, for they are an asset to any call center.

    – Harris

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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