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Starting a call centre

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    Sudeesh Rao

    Dear Forum Members,

    I totally agree with what Amit Naagar said. First of all its better to gather some knowledge and also experience before making it a business.

    Both domestic and international have their own set of rules for work and hence the requirements. A call center is not mere managing some employees sitting in and out of your office but to retain them as well. I think if I am not wrong BPO industry has very high attrition rate and to keep the process retained, you must have to keep enough manpower ready in buffer incase of emergency.

    Hope you all who are willing to make it a business take all the details regarding it, the pros and cons before finalizing

    Sudeesh Rao

    Vishal Ramaiya


    I have been working in bpo for 6 yrs and planning to open a call center myself, if any one can guide me that would be great.

    Shama Islam

    where i registered the call center and how?and what is ISO certified and from where it is taken??how i get the clients??and product which is sell out from the call center

    Raven Bowman

    First of all you have to decide which type of call center you want to start On-site call center or virtual call center after that you have to focus on the services provided by your call center. Initial cost for On-site call center is lower than virtual call center. You have to hire 50-100 right agents for the first time.

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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