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Call Center In Pakistan

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    Fayyazuddin Ali

    Call centers in Pakistan are changing the whole picture. I am a university student in Florida. My fiancee’ just got a call rep job at an 8 seat Karachi Call Center making twice the amount of money she would normally get there. Less than salary expected in USA but excellent for Pakistan. The owner of the call center says he was inspired to do it after attending a Call Center seminar in January 2003 supervised by an American woman named Slay. His center started with just 2 seats and used 2 IP phones that had some feature where US callers called any of 8 USA gateway phone numbers and it rang at the call center. Now, they are using the Cisco ATA’s under the same Florida vendor. Change… two years ago, my parents wanted me to be a software engineer, but now they agree that a combination of marketing and systems science are what I need because I am also going to get into the call center business. Even if I have to start from scratch like my fiancee’s boss. It is great that there are ways for anyone with good work ethic, research skills, and networking skills can have this opportunity. Two years my parents would have laughed at me if I asked their blessing to pursue this.

    Mohammad Malik


    I read an excellent report from you on call center potentials in Pakistan. Excellent work you did is really commendable, i feel this market is ready to grow big time in pakistan if bandwidth costs reduce and PTCL gets privatized.

    Mohammad Malik -atlanta


    Dear Saeed Qadri,

    I read your comment in the ansa point forum where you have stated that you have USED and STILL use a Super Phone Unlimited for your call center.

    I looked and looked but could not find you in our customer database.

    Can you please tell me your customer number or super phone unlimited phone number,
    SO i can look and see why you are unable to use us.

    BTW, 2 calll centers in the same building that you are in are already very happy and have moved from Avaya to us and are very happy with Super Phone.

    I am back in Karachi for a few days.

    Rehan Ahmed
    Super Phone.

    Super Phone – the truth

    Dear Some one,

    Who every made that comment that Super Phone is some fake company or something, i dont know who you are but i was hoping to get a name from you.

    Xenon was an INTERESTING experience for us, and we have learned a lot from them, specially NOT to sell any more to Pakistan, on Credit Card, and have it strictly cash only bases.

    2. 360 Training is a very good customer of ours and
    the Comment made by “Fayyazuddin Ali – 18 Jan 2004” was about Super Phone only, as her Call Center is Using Super Phone Unlimited Services.

    All please note that Super Phone UNLIMITED is THE product for small call centers, and we are doing Excellent business in India & Pakistan with call centers, of cource now on CASH ONLY Bases 🙂


    Ch. Naveed Zafar

    Dear All & specially Mr. Rehan,

    My dear This is a forum to build a confidence for pakistan Call center arena and not to demoralise people. Please for God sake don’t make these type of comments again from which you may be indirectly effect the upcomming biz in pakistan. Its my humble Request to you.
    Plus we are also running 2 call centers in Lahore and are enjoying the work. and Also our clients are happy from us. So this is wrong that you should do all biz on cash. bxoz good and bad people are always there at all places. Infact the Ratio of Credit card scams is the most in INDIA, INDONESIA, PHILIPINES etc.
    As far as Pakistan is concerned most of our people don’t have enough time to do these type of fraudulent cases as they can hardly fulfill there daily needs. And also they are much consious about being World’s No. 1 NATION in Information Technology Field.

    Hope to hear from all my other country Men about this comment I’ve passed. GOOD LUCK and have a nice time.
    Best Regards,
    Ch. Naveed Zafar.

    attn: call center ops

    first of all Rehan if your product is good enough & you believe in it then dont worry about what others have to say about it
    thnx for people like ch. zafar, that encourage entrepreneurial ship in our country
    so what if your superphone didnt work that well at XENON or they embezzelled money from you, please dont stop selling to companies in pakistan.
    & again it doesnt matter whether 360 degree is working with you or ortel, least they paid you in full.


    Rehan Ahmed

    Dear All and Ch Zafar,

    I have no intention of de-moralizing ANY ONE with Pakistan, i would be the LAST person to do that.

    I am the one who sponsored distribution of 25000 books of the “How to Start call center business in Pakistan” In ITCN Expo. I am the one who innitiated and , and as for Positive, there are 2 people who have done bad with Super Phone Payments, but there are 12 other call centers who are very good in timely on there payments, and are very very happy with the service we offer them.

    Again i apologize to any one who has took this in a negitive way, how ever it was disappointing to read bad comments about our product by some one who has never even used it.



    Hello Mr. Naveed,

    Your comment about Pakistani people striving to be the world’s no.1 IT nation is quite complimenting and definitely applausible, and I pray to God that one day Pakistan is the Information Technology Hub of Asia instead of any other country, be it for outsourcing, or any other IT solution.

    I agree with you to the extent that Mr. Rehan should not have mentioned a personal experience with just one customer in an open forum like this where people from all over the world come to visit and catch a glimpse of our country. However, I believe he was just feeling quite defensive about his product as Super Phones were quite seriously thrashed in an earlier post on this thread.

    Having said all that, I believe it is IMPERATIVE for all of us to maintain strict discipline in what we say on this forum. Everyone in this world is looking at us through this window and if we are going to rub all our personal problems (including even domestic issues one day! :D) on this window, it will be impossible for others to see the real us.

    Thank you!


    Saeed Qadri

    Every one,

    All I have to say is that the industry is BIGGER than a single product.

    Good luck to every one who is in this young industry in Pakistan.

    PS:- Rehan I have responded to your comments in email.

    Saeed Qadri

    Anwar Kazi

    Just a bit of info for all young centers. Beware of the pay for performance campaigns or outbound in general.

    Check the credibility of the provider etc deeply!

    Good luck!


    Ch. Naveed Zafar

    Dear Rehan Sb. and all,

    Thanks for correcting the point of misunderstanding. I am happy that people are more positive towards work.

    Regarding Call Centers and any other forms of Outsourcing work we are doing work with uk/us clients and doing it well.
    Ch. Naveed Zafar.

    Humayoun Khan

    As an entrepreneur and a BPO Mgr I’ve been here in Pakistan for past several months and have been extensively involved in the research of call centers in Pakistan. In my humble opinion I think there is no other “greener pasture” out there right now than in Pakistan when it comes to call centers/BPO.
    Reading ppls views and ideas in this forum has really given me an incentive to outsource business to Pakistan, so I do thank you all for that.


    Humayoun Khan


    Hi All,

    I am an IT professional here in US and call center business seems a very good business linking up USA and PAkistan. Can anyone guide me how I can start one in Islamabad. What would be the safest approach in starting small, and gradually growing. I have read the book thuroughly.

    Is voice over IP the way to start? How can I find offshorable business, or a small project to start off? I work in New York /New Jersey vicinity.

    Saeed Qadri

    Dearg Naveed,

    I run an international call center in Islamabad. I will strongly recommend that you do a very thorough study of the said subject.

    It is great that you are interested in this business. But this is not an easy path. Setting up a center is the easy part ; running it effectively; achieving profitability and attracting long term customers/clients is the difficult part.

    Operations, technology setup, bandwith, LD, co-location, business development, marketing and HR ; all these issues are full blown subjects of study in context to call centers.

    Take your time studying the market and the works. Write a very solid business plan and then hop on the bandwagon.

    Good luck to all well wishers of pakistan.

    Best Regards
    Saeed Qadri


    Dear Saeed,

    Thanks for the advice.

    Are there more resources, I can read up, specially in context of Pakistan for the areas you mentioned i.e. operations, technology setup, bandwith, LD, co-location, business development, marketing and HR.

    The american lady, who wrote the book made it look very easy to get started. Is superphone with DSL a good way to start a small business (e.g. a personal offshore secretary). Does one need special permission from PTCL to use Superphone i.e. VOIP?

    I wish there is more information and guidance available on this subject. I would appreciate any good pointers and people.

    Are there sample templates available for a business plan for Call Centers. I was wondering if someone could share one (maybe just a skeleton). Is there any case study I can follow?

    My father is also based in Islamabad and would be very supportive of such a project, plus he is accustomed to internet and technology.

    Is there any call center for whom I can act as the front end in USA to gather business? I would love to learn a new trade, and get started off. I am always ready to learn! And am based in NJ/NY and would eaferly look for guidance.

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 76 total)
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