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Call Center In Pakistan

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    Saeed Qadri


    I worked in Maryland as well in Bethesda. Currently I am in Islambad. I have helped setup one international call center and now deploying my second one with 60 seats.

    1- Superphone’s voice quality is very good. But it uses around 30Kbps of bandwidth just for voice. Plus it is all manual dialing and no CRM/DB integration at all. With 12 seats I would not recommend just using Cisco ATA 186 i.e superphone. Recommended are dedicated gateways with FXS/FXO ports. They are availble in 2,4,8,16 and 24 ports

    2- Just for voice with a suitable compression algorithm; theoretical requirements are 16Kbps for a call BUT I would allocate at least 24Kbps

    I hope this info helps; let me know if u need anything else.


    Saeed Qadri

    Anwar Kazi


    1. IP phone quality would really depend on the VOIP connection you are using, if the phone has a codec etc in it then its a different ball game (you can use a ATA 186 for that) else its really your backbone which is the critical factor in this

    2. most of PTCL’s normal bandwidth is compressed unless you take the VPOP or IPLC connection. with good compression and good gateways at both ends you are looking for a normal 12.8 per voice channel

    3. I am in karachi so cannot answer your third question

    hope this helps




    I currently reside in the UK and am planning to set up a call center in Pakistan to target the UK market. I plan to staff around 10-15 people with plans for further extension later on. I was thinkin of using VOIP. Would you recommend that? The rates quoted on the PTCL website appear to be quite dear and I was wondering whether you are aware of companies that provide discounted rates. Superphone seems to be one such company but targets only the US and Canada. Are you aware of any UK equivalent?


    Suzanne Lombard

    I am an executive in a major US wireless company in Maryland and very interested in setting up a call center to provide services to telecom companies in us. I am planning to open it in Islamabad in near future. I have few questions, I would appreciate anyone assistance on those.
    Dear Ahsan, I think Saeed Qadri did a good job answering your questions. I’d like to add a little more. The Super Phone that is mentioned has been successfully integrated with predictive dialers and CRM/DB. Some of its clients are taking advantage of call-recording options and some other interesting add-ons. My background is 24 years in training, mentoring and managing call centers and telecommunication operations. I’ve written two editions of a very simple and user-friendly book on starting call centers and have conducted worldwide seminars on the same topic. Thanks!

    3- If I need to transfer larger file of 8-10 meg. on frequent basis for processing, what type of solution is available in Islamabad. Who should I contact?



    We are the call center provider in Pakistan. Pakistan is the IDEAL place for call center or back office.

    superphone…the truth

    here is the real truth behind superphone…its not a real product…what supertech has really done is integrated Cisco ATA 186 with their pop in florida…their ATA’s take up quite a lot of bandwidth…most of their clients in khi have replaced superphone with regular ATA’s coupled with different telco providers in US…superphone is not an original product…xenon & 360 degrees have replaced them with oratel

    Malik S. Ahmed

    Hi Gentlemen !!

    I have been working as operations Manager for wireless-zone communication inc. in Montreal Canada. Wireless zone has been operating as an authorized dealer of canada`s second largest cellular service provider ROGERS AT&T.Currently we are operating a call centre of 120 seats and a customer service centre with 30 seats for both outbound telemarketing and inbound customer service. lately we are planning to take this call centre to pakistan and i am looking for someone who has established and is operating a call centre in pakistan to guide me start in the right direction,I am in Canada right now and i am willing to hire services and come down to Pakistan for consultation………also i will be very greatful if some can answer these questions
    1. what is the call quality with IP phone, superphone.
    2. to start a call centre of 50 seats what kind of band width is required
    3. to start a call centre of 100 people what kind of band width is required for both voice and data and incoming and outgoing
    4.what types of lines are available from PTCL, T1, T2, T3, DSL……………..i would really appreciate id some could help with this
    4. what type of line is avail

    Ch. Naveed Zafar

    Hi there Aysha,

    I am confident I can help you regarding this matter because everything is available in Pakistan’s yellowpages.

    Saeed Qadri

    Dear Malik S. Ahmed ,

    My name is Saeed Qadri and I own and operate an international customer contact center in Islamabad, Pakistan. Previously I helped establish one of the first international call center in Islamabad. We have experience of setting up and executing call center projects. In fact we have done telemarketing for LD products, directTV, cable and wireless etc quiet successfully. Currently we provide services to some leading store chains and retail outlets.

    As far as your questions are concerned; I have given these answers before in some detail. However let me answer them once again.

    1) IP phones quality is dependent on a lot of factors including bandwidth, physical media, latency, congestion and providers’ stability. And also IP phone is one of many parts of a virtual contact center or a web based call center. Superphone specifically is not the best of products in my personal opinion. I have used it and I still use it but not for call center work only for business calls. For serious call center work you need good contact ratios and that is possible with predictive dialers. There are some products that use the same Cisco ATA 186 device used by superphone to provide PD capability and you should look into that. The kind of work you are describing will not be viable with manual dialing or simple list dialing.

    2) I would advise to allocate at least 24k of bandwidth for a voice channel. Although with compression it can be even around 6/7 kbps; but for medium voice quality allocate 16kbps which is the theoretical requirement for one of the popular compression algorithms. 24k is good for the data and voice both at the same time. So with a simple math for 30 seats you will need 720 Kbps. I would take a 1Mbps pipe to take into account congestion and packet loss etc for every 30 seats.

    3) PTCL, ISPS and satellite bandwidth providers are all available. You can get bandwidth anywhere from 64k leased circuit to 34 Mbps. So there is no problem in that. IP is not the way to go ultimately if you are into this business seriously. IPLC is the path forward for the size you are describing backed up with satellite. This is what we have done and are very happy with results.

    One thing that I would like to highlight is that technology is very important but operations and operational training is extremely important. We have made it mandatory for our operations staff to undergo CIAC certifications and are spending heavily on trainings by North American trainers. I hope that you are successful in your venture and may ALLAH help us all.

    Please let me know if you need more information.

    Best Regards
    Saeed Qadri

    Malik S. Ahmed

    Dear Mr. Saeed Qadri

    first of all thankyou very much for ur attention and swift response, definitly i would need more guidance from you and inshallah if everthing goes well i will bring my team down and benefit from your experience , setup and services, i am glad i found you and i might be coming down to pakistan in few days as my company is pushing hard for this project but i want to do my research and meet with the right people before i go ahead….because i only want to succeed and i am ready to pay the price….i will make a payment and get my contact info so that we can chat over the phone…..i have few more points i wanna discuss…i will be greatful if u can throw some facts in as i have been away from PAK for 5 years…….
    1. i found PTCL bandwidth rates a bit expensive, with satellite connectivity they must be even higher, are there any other quality bandwidth providers who offer for less or bit more reasonable rates??
    2. can we expect bandwith prices to drop down in the near future with more and more people interested in opoening call centres in pakistan??
    3. what is the situation with goverment procedures, i.e regestration, PTA attitude, licensing, dealings with PTCL`s bureaucracy…………what i mean to ask if things run smooth its a bumpy road………
    once again thanks for ur response and after i get my contact published i would like to discuss the my initial needs and cost of ur services with you………thankyou and talk to u soon

    Malik ahmed

    Arshad Mughal

    It is nice to see this thread about Call Center in Pakistan – very informatic.

    I am heading the IT department of an international Airline Management company handling more than 40 clients (Airlines) with the presence in more than 35 countries. We are headquartered in Munich, Germany. Being as a head of IT, I am responsible to explore new ideas, how we can increase our services base for Airline industry. For this purpose I started to think about a Call Center with the focus on Airline industry. For this, I have selected Pakistan being as my own country and also I need to have the presence of my company in pakistan specially related to IT area.

    But still I have few questions that I need to share with the participants of this forum, how we can design such a Call Center and which special services can be offered to Airline industry from that platform. The option of a joint venture is also open.

    Any help and guidance will be appreciated.

    Allah Hafiz

    ZH Khan

    Couple months ago, I received a call from Karachi regarding long distance service. It really inspired me to take that offer and I did. I have absolutely no problem with that service. Their customer service can be comapred with any US based customer service. I see no reason of failure of call center in Pakistan where labour cost is extremely cheap. Additionally, it is in the best interest of US companies to setup or help setup that kind of call/customer service center to help reduce cost to US-based customers.

    I wish you good luck.

    Suzanne Lombard

    Hello. Yes, it is very exciting to see all the information here about call centers in Pakistan. People do need to “network” and share best practices. And as you say, I am confident enough to be able to state my full name and not hide under something different. Oratel, Super Phone, Family Phone, and more are excellent products, each with different awesome features. I think it best if we do not bash the products. The idea is to help Pakistan call centers and more. I have written books and conducted over 20 seminars and won awards for the services our company provides. I am not bragging, but stating facts here. My company is totally dedicated to bringing people together in every way possible. I totally support any of you out there selling, using, supporting VoIP in any format to assist call center proliferation in Pakistan. Many people worldwide know me and my company, and that we serve over 25,000 happy customers and more every day. I do wish and pray the best in success for each of you reading this forum. Spread the word… that Pakistan is the choice for call center outsourcing of any campaign imaginable.

    Ch. Naveed Zafar

    Hello to all,

    We are providing call center solutions our US/UK based clients and they are much happy from our quality of work, and defenitly there is no reason that this Industry can boost up in Pakistan, as labour is cheap and we have good marketers having good skills in English Language as well. Pakistan is always the most comprehensive part of the world for such IT related investments or joint ventures.

    Suzanne Lombard

    Malik, I have this information straight from a very popular political figure in Pakistan concerning bandwidth price drops and other assistance to call centers in Pakistan. “We in the government have been able to demonstrate that we are dead serious about making sure that Pakistan becomes a choice destination for IT enabled services like call centers. As early as August 2003, government is studying bandwidth FREE to Call Centers who bring substantial business to Pakistan and can show $ inflows to the country. The operative word is substantial. This bandwidth is duplicated one i.e. Fibre and VSAT rooftop, where call center pays for VSAT equipment and the government entity pays for the BW.” Things like this are going to happen. We just have to prove that Pakistan call centers CAN BRING THE CASH FLOW. We have to work together, not against each other.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 76 total)
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