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Domestic call center…help needed

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    I am into IT industry from last 10 years. After looking somany ups and downs now I am interested in opening up a domestic call center in central india.

    Experts out here please help me. I want to know right from the scratch. The setup, the requierment, the hardware, etc.

    warm regards

    Gaurav Kapoor

    Probably ia can Help u with informtion ,What kind of information would u like to have

    ~ Gaurav


    I would like to have each information for setting up. right fom hardware, the lines, the components required, manpower expences etc.


    Amitav Bahinipati

    I want to set up a call centre in Orissa. I have the same problems as that of Kirti. Could someone help me in setting up a call centre?


    Yes i can help you out and do all for setting up CC from hardware to recruting …do u have campaigns in hand ?
    Revert here.


    Dear Kriti,

    If you are looking for domestic call center.

    What is the Market you wanna catter to ?? As this will help in understanding from geographically which part of India your call center will be receiving calls to answer.
    This way you first have to do a little homework in terms of finding the geographic location, distribution n number of calls from your target callers to your call center. Thus can have some kind of understanding in terms of the Volume of calls. Once you are through with this.
    You can start designing the network for your callcenter. it terms how much call from which all cities you have to transfer to your centeral call center. To avoid paying STD rates on per call.
    In the later stage you can short list out of different vendors who provide solutions on this.
    few of them are
    1) NORTEL – Principle System integrator – GTL Ltd.
    2) Avaya – Principle System integrator – Tata Telecom



    Dear Kriti

    First of all why do you want to opt for Domestic call center.
    2. What abt business
    3. Have you done the Risk analysis
    4. What abt financial serivibility of your organistaion.
    5. what are services you are looking into
    6. Technical part what budget u r looking for.
    7. Which place you are thinking of opening a call center if we can get the answers of this question then definately we can help you out in all the above questions.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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