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Call Centre Set Up Details

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    It seems everybody wants to setup call center but doesn’t know how to?
    I would advice not to pay any advances to anybody.There are lots of frauds happening by so called consultants. Please check there references or take a demo before deciding over any thing.

    As far as technology is concerned, you need to be very cautious. There are lot of issues. If you are considering ASP model the biggest issue is your data security??? If you are a campaign provider would you give your business to a call center who is running on ASP model.In addition to that how long you will keep paying each month? what abour cost of ownership?

    So guys think a lot and work with references only. The only key to success.

    Nilesh Saxena

    We want to setup a 10 seater call center in New Delhi. We want to know the approx. operating costs, start up costs. What are the various hardware devices required?

    Please reply ASAP


    swapnil n tapadia

    iwant to start a 50 seater call center in pune,india. i want to know what will be its cost.and about companys are provideing assistance to set up call centers &training programs? much i have to invest in the project? their any financial assistance?
    please guide me and answer my questions..thank you

    Kamal Teja

    I want to set up a BPO, generally back-end processing with 100 seater at chennai. I need to know the cost of the project, requirements for the project, where to get the clients, if possible the revenue that can generated.


    we are a new call center in pakistan we are having problems in voice quality ,we are having DSL 256k for 3 computers ,using manual dialers(Terracall) ,if some one could suggest any solution
    thanx for your concern
    with regards

    Kamal Teja

    Hi Vishal,
    i’ve worked in the call center industry for 5 years both outbound and inbound and i know how profitable the industry. and with the low investment you can only open an outbound call center and not the inbound one. however, i have plans to open an back-end processing unit. I have no clue how much the investment would be, however i know it is going to far less than a call center industry. I need to know what are the requirements, how to start abt it, and where to get the projects.


    Hi ,
    would like to start a call center with a 25 seater and i dont have any knowledge of geting the work and the cost of the investment


    Hello sir,
    I am intrested to run call center in Lucknow but i dont have any information regarding this. So If u dont mind please tell me from the beginning that what is the procedure to open the call center. From where i can get the information that which company is intrested to open hi call center in Lucknow or else where.

    Thanking u


    I want to setup callcentre. can anybody guide me in this regards.
    can anybody give detailed requirement for setting up call centre.
    Please contact ASAP


    Our company is based in kenya and we are looking forward to opoen a call center with initial 25 seater and we want to know what r the steps to go about the liscense and the total cost waiting for your rep

    Ritesh Kumar Singh

    Dear Sir ,
    I Want to Setup one Call Center in the Low investment . Please Give The suggesation . I want to Setup this call center in my City Gorakhpur . Thanku .


    We are interested to setup a call centres business in Chennai/Hyderabad/India. Kindly let us know the Investments, requirements details etc…


    With Regards,


    We are interested to set up a world class Call centre at New Delhi, India and in this regard looking for persons/organisation having detail technical know how for this project.
    We are initially looking forward to server domestic clients to gain a strong base in local market before pitching for international clients.

    We are basically a web / software service provider .

    Can you please through some focus on the basic initial requirements for 40 seat call center and the cost – benefit analysis for the project.

    I am also looking forward for alliances on revenew sharing basis for getting domestic / international client and setting up a world class call center.

    Dadi Bhote Hypersoft

    Hi All

    It is posible to setup a call center with hosted technology at a very low cost while enjoying all the facilities and capabilities of a Big solution. PD, ACD, IVR,CTI, Recording,VoIP etc etc. Your running costs can be as low as $1-1.5 calling to the USA from India. You can setup and get running in a matter of few days. Small setups of 1-8 seats can get going immedaitely.

    If you need any assistance contact me , look for me on google/yahoo.

    Dadi Bhote


    We are interested to set up a call centre at chennai , inbound call center i like to known the exact details about that.

Viewing 15 posts - 76 through 90 (of 165 total)
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