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US clients wants tie up with running CC

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    Bhavesh shah

    Dear forum members,
    Being into export to US & Europe, one of our clients in US has asked whether our company can take contract for CC if he commits the work from US .

    Any company who is interested in getting an order, kindly contact me if they are having setup ready & can accept such contract readily.


    hi i ma sure we can work together for a future alliance.
    Could you give me contact information.
    I can send you all the details about our company and would like some from your side too.
    Thank you.

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    hi bhavesh,
    What is the nature and return of contracts ? it will be nice if you lil bit elaborate it. specially the nature of contract.
    smahexz y.c

    Vishal Jhamb

    Looking for Campaigns, well you can get a lot of them in the marke today, from AT&T ( Outbound ) to Credit repair Business 9 Inbound & Outbound ). All those who need campaigns need not go anywhere. The Aggregators and Outsourcers will come to you, Just be available on net or otherwise. i get my call centers like this, we deal with most of them and you can know who we are if you look around and ask by name, Surely you will find us. I’ll shortly be releasing my complete contact info on one of the fourm’s here. Watch out for that. Thanks for your time

    Vishal Jhamb

    Palani Balasundaram

    Hello Bhavesh shah,
    Thanks for your offer Bhavesh.
    I represent a southIndian based company which would definitely like to explore the possibility of the relationship with your organization. I would be soon giving out our complete contact information in this forum, which i believe would help us to be in touch with each other.
    Expecting a positive and strong relationship for future.

    Palani Balasundaram

    Dear Palani,
    I would like to know in detail what type of infra structure & HW
    setup currently in operation.
    What type of connectivity established?
    does your setup supports VoiP ? define spec.
    your operators are tune up to American English speech recognition?
    How many seater capacity ?
    How do you charge ? basis of charging etc.
    What type of SLA you offer ?
    your subject & nature of CC in detail.
    What do our co. projects keeping your CC in mind to our client to
    close the deal ?
    we are totaly novice for such CC business & terminology.
    we will be acting initialy only as a procurement of order for CC.
    we have to project you/your co. as our business partner.
    awaiting for your reply
    Bhavesh shah


    neeraj, smahexz & saps pls. read further msgs. sent to palani about my q.
    you can answer on my name displayed here.


    Dear Tobhaves,
    Kindly be a bit more elaborate and am sure i will answer your question.
    Thank you


    hi all ,
    can anyone tell me what is success rate
    of profitability co. running CC.
    i think it is very risky business

    pls. comment

    Bhavesh shah

    Ms. Palani, Mr. Neeraj,
    you didn’t reply my last q.
    if any problem pls. let me know.
    I am short listing person who can be
    my project co ordinator.
    On behalf of me, i want anyone who dialogues with
    my US client & convince to get an order.


    uday parmar

    Dear Bharvesh,
    we would love to take your offer logically forward. Advice on how should we get in touch.

    Warm Regards,

    [Webmaster’s note: Postings where email addresses need to be exchanged are considered commercial, and the person posting is requested to pay a small fee towards our marketing costs. Messages that accepted free of charge on this forum will have contact details removed.]

    Vishal Jhamb

    Concerto is available from USA on ASP of Davox ( Completely Blended ) is @ Approx 3.2 US$ Per Logged hour per seat, including PSTN in US RBOC, Colocation and Mux ( US End ) including contact Pro CP-BSS, CP-AMP-B, CP-TDMA, CP-DIR, CP-GWFC, CP-BLDR & CP-GW. The ASP of Touch Star is available for 2.6 US$ per logged hour for the same specs. Minimum is 24 Seats with 2 T1’s ( For 1:2 Trunking )Timelines to start are close to 7 Work Days after termination of IPLC at the US end, includes client sation install at Indian end and Citrix server Install if needed. If IPLC is already tested and terminating elsewhere will take 6 Business days to transfer it to the new colo.

    Vishal Jhamb
    New Delhi


    Dear Bharvesh,

    you have not replied to my message. We are looking to ramp up 400-500 more seats….have the capability….Gurgaon based….If client commits oredr from US, then we can move on other level agreements.

    Uday Parmar

    Bhavesh shah

    Dear Uday,
    sorry i haven’t logged in since 1 week

    what type of setup currently you have ?

    do u have accent trained agents ?

    which type of CC services, u have already handled so far ?

    what’s your offer for 25 seater CC to be used for Inbound
    type , as a sub contract term?

    Can we show facilities to my US client ?

    WHat is name of CC ?



    Need more details on the opprtunities and prospective clients

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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