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Setting up Call Centers In India

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    Vishal Jhamb

    The essence of this section of the usergroup:

    Call centers are one of the most powerful tools for improving the quality of customer contact.

    Customer Care and retention is increasingly becoming a key issue for most companies in today’s competitive market place where customers demand immediate access to information and efficiency of response.

    The advent of Computer Telephony due to the convergence of Computing and Telecommunications has created new avenues for companies to provide better service to customers by leveraging the interaction of customer calls with the company’s customer databases providing access to rich customer data helping the call center agent provide better support to the customer.

    This section of the BBS shall outline the key components of a contemporary call center and then discusses the key technologies being used in call centers with focus on the paradigm shift from PBX to server based systems. The technologies are compared and the reasons for the paradigm shift are explained. The future evolution of call centers into contact centers is sketched out.

    The cost of setting up a state of an art Facility in India ( On Rent ) with Minimum 48 Seats ( 2 T1’s ) is approx 6 Lacs INR Per Seat ( End to End ) with a moderate technology blend and 2 Months working Capital in place.

    Vishal Jhamb
    Consultant for Call Center Set up In India


    Hi Vishal

    Is there a way that I can contact you! Like to discuss more on setting up a call center with you.


    Hi Vishal,
    I am researching to set up a call center in Mumbai for a US based company. Can you help me in this ?


    Hi Vinay,

    Pls let me know more about ur project I will help u. We r techo consultants. Pls let me know ur details.



    Dear Vishal

    Could you tell me an approximate
    idea on what will be investment vs Returns on a 100-seater call center.

    If there are 3 Teams involved
    1. Investor
    2. Operations-Executor
    3. Contract Provider
    What kind of profit sharing % can be done for the above?



    hi ravi,
    for the first year you can’t predict the return accurately.
    Consider the first year as learning and gaining reputation period.


    hi uppchunk

    Infact I understand that there is the breakeven period of an average of 18 months from the date of productivity.

    But still I was thinking what one can expect over 3 years ( some average numbers ) and also
    in case the project has 3 component shares namely,
    1. Investor – ( Sleeping )
    2. Operations-Executor ( Active )
    3. Contract Provider ( Sourcer )
    What kind of profit sharing % can be done for the above?
    ( ie. at the time of profits!!!ofcourse )



    Hi Ravi,
    Now you made things lil bit clear.
    But again the 3 component share is not defined.It may be possible that Operation Executor play the key role and there must be some share of income aggrement between investor and him.
    Regarding Contract Provider :
    You can have many contract providers for a call center and pay them on individualy case to case basis.
    Appoint a VP for the said job of getting contracts for your call center.In this case too you will have to settle some aggrement between call center and VP(which depends on capability and experience of VP).Infact in this situation VP do the same thing as of first option on your behalf(contact many contract providers)

    There is very ill defined relationship between VP and call center.


    Hi uppchunk

    That threw some light.

    Could you advise me on any websites/or sources of database of Project Consultants for Call centers ( People who can setup a call center from scratch and give it to you for execution) for the indian scenario.

    Relatively what kind of numbers do these people charge.

    Is there any sample project proposal/Financials available on the net?

    I get a lot of mixed numbers on cost per seat for a call center , I hear 5,6,7,10,12 eventhough I know there are web-based centers which are cheaper than voice-based
    and that the location can change costing…Why do you think there are so many variations?

    Rgds and Good day


    Hello Ravi,

    That may be because either they don’t knkow the reality or they don’t want to disclose real rates here.Both the case are true :(.

    Yes location changes the costing because of few important factors:distance from sub marine hub,availability of agents(b’cuz churn rate you can’t reduce),and elcectricity conditions etc.But these variations can be justifiable if you start working on project report.


    Hey uppchunk

    That was as much as I thought about the whole numbers variating on the cost per seat.
    Like Cochin and Mumbai are cheaper
    than the rest bcos of their sub closeness!!

    Any advise on the 1st part of my previous request.



    hi vishal,
    i just want to know how to calulate the income of a call center.
    Salaries $134000000
    Office Space $500000
    Hardware Cost $25,000,000
    CONNECTIONS X 1YRS $67,000,000
    Emergency equipments $2,000,000
    Furniture & interiors $1,000,000
    AMC & Maintenance $2,000,000
    Disaster Planning $100,000,000
    Total $250400000
    so please tell me how much will be my income.
    my call centers are located in mexico,india,japan.
    n each country has a multisite.

    pardeep deol

    i am interested in starting a call centre in northern region. what assistance can you provide

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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