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Call centre setup in Dhaka, Bangladesh

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    I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our company has got 1 MBPS VSAT connectivity. Moreover, we have enough space in our office to start a call centre with 50 persons. We need to have an idea of investment and expected revenue model regarding call centre. If the project is found feasible, management will go for immediate investment. Could you please suggest?

    M. A. Ahsan


    HI Ahsan,
    Actually,it depends upon what type of call center you are setting up.
    Is it tech/non tech call center?
    How many clients you have right now in your hand and what type of service you want to provide?
    Will it be email/chat/voice based support?
    lemme know the details


    What happend?

    Palani Balasundaram

    Dear Ahsan,
    As Adi as rightly pointed out,
    Infrastructure alone doesnot play a role in settingup a contact center.
    I am just giving the rough estimate of the cost that might be required to be invested in Indian Rupees for a call center with 48 seats, with outgoing calls as the operational procedure.
    It would approximately require 4 crores, with a profit margin of 1 crore in the first year of operation with 60% efficiency.
    This is just a rough calculation assuming 7$ charges for an hour and assuming that you have work for 15 hours in the first year of operation, with 120 agents working for you.


    Dear Adi,
    Thank you for your response. We have no client at our hand right now. We have no firm idea about service (voice or non voice) we should look forward. We have connectivity, space, money for equipment and technology, ability to train up people etc. We want to build from the ground. So, we are looking forward to get connected with a consultant who can suggest and source business for us. Can you help us.


    Dear Ahsan

    I am myself the consultant and it needs more on the subject to proceed.
    Hope you can interact


    Hi Ahsan,
    Sure! I can help you with these type of projects.
    If you want to set up voice based support(where you give support through phone for your customers) you need a very good location where there is easy accessibility to telecom.
    The next thing is web based support
    wherein you can provide support to your customers through email and chat mode.
    Both of these need different type of investment. For voice based support you need to invest more on hardware(phone lines,instruments.etc) but if you are going for web support you need to invest more on softwares. Better if you go in for a CRM package to maintain customer details.
    I suggest you to get hold of clients who wants to outsource their business or approach some software companies for whom you as a team can provide technical/non technical support.
    let me know if you need anything else


    Dear mishrtap
    Thank you for your response.
    How can I contact you?


    I hope you should be able to.
    Otherwise you give your email id by advertising on this forum so that I contact you.


    Saurav Das

    HI Ahsan,

    Setting up a call centre in Bangladesh would bring you in the face of intense competition but cost-factor plays a role here. Pitching for the right client vis-a-vis with India is important.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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