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VOIP callcentre

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    S Nair

    There are very good solutions avilable for Internet based VoIP calls, also there is lot of VoIP colocations avilable in USA
    In India INTARTIC internetworking may help you to setup with very lo cost.



    Some very interesting discussions have taken place in this thread. It’s now December and I was wondering if any one has actually implemented end-to-end VoIP in their call center. If you have been successfull, please share your experience.


    VoIP call centre in Baroda

    We are exploring possiblity of having VoIP based smallish call centre(5 seat) both inbound and outbound to cater to support requirements of our parent company in UK.
    Has anyone set up a VoIP based call centre?
    What is QoS achieved via internet?
    Any information regarding hardware/software used would be great..

    Thanks in advance,

    Abdul Wali Khan

    I am starting Pc 2 Phone calling Service using the VoIP technology. though I have got ABC’s about the VoIP. but i want to know about the requeir devices. the method of Installation, and the Service Provider….kindly send me complelet details about it..

    thank you
    Abdul wali Khan

    Dhawal Shah

    Hi Manoj
    Can you please give me your contact no. & E-mail add asap


    Hi Rakesh,

    There are few VOIP (ILC) based based callcentres in India.
    It is feasible to start with 16 seats or 24 seats using this technology since it is very economical. There are predictive dialers available at low cost as well as CTI servere if there is requirement for handling inbound calls also.

    The technology is becomming popular in India and it is ideal for small BPO centres which function as total contact centres for US/UK and other European clients .

    you can contact the VOIP equipments providers or ISP’s who provides rawbandwidth to get more information on technology


    Rakesh Sarin

    Thanks Asokan.
    Any pointers to particular equipment manufacturers?

    We are looking for CTI to interface with lotus notes servers.

    Manoj Jindal

    Hi everybody,
    I’m in search of person/company who can provide me the complete knowledge about calling cards (VOIP) & other products(devices) ralated to voip. I want to purchase enough calling time. If anybody have any knowledge about this, then mail me immediately


    I want to set up a VOIP call centre. So person can make a ISD call from His home land line to any where abroad. Just he will dial our VOIP call centre access no. Authenticate his user ID & PIN 7 get ISD tone and make a ISD call. as soon as he hang up a phone the amount will be deduct as per our rate charge.
    Any body help me for this immediately mail me.


    Hi! Dear,
    i want to call from dubai to sirohi in rajasthan in india. how can i do this. pls inform me.

    Jamal Panhwar


    I am fro Pakistan and I have keen interest in callcenters. We have done several tests of setting call centers of 5 – 20 seats on ATA186 with service from vonage. It works we tried to sell some products by telemarketing in the US but we didnt have a lot of success as the products we were trying to sell were from which is purely a web based selling portal.

    My questions are.

    1. How to get products to seel what would be the best sourse to get products to sell over the phone.

    2. How to get business for inbound calls.

    3. What are other options for VOIP call centers.

    I will look forard to hearing from you.



    Saeed Qadri

    Dear Jamal,

    I am in Pakistan and I am running a call center. One option to setup VOIP will be going to an Application service provider that can give you access to the PD and CRM software remotely. You will need bandwidth and agent’s desktop hardware.


    We can help, what are your timeframes, and volumes along with seats you want?

Viewing 13 posts - 31 through 43 (of 43 total)
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