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VOIP callcentre

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    Hello Amit

    We are a tech support unit and are presently having problems with inbound calls from US.

    The calls do not come through, but this happens very irregularly. The calls either face a dead silence or get busy signals even when the line here is not busy. If the call does get through, the quality of the voice is too bad to put up with. There are long gaps and overlaps of voice and intermissions and so on.

    I would like to get some help in investigating the issue and coming up with solutions.

    Can you please help?



    hello lakshmi,
    you must be using voip.

    Amit Naagar

    Hi Lakshmi,
    It is very difficult to understand the problem without knowing what kind of connection you are using, but it seems that there are a huge amount of packet losses taking place in you transmission processes, this maybe due to several reasons such as a cable fault, or inferior quality switches, or maybe if u r using VoIP then this problem is sure to crop-up, u need to check you connectivity, insure that there are not too many telecom carriers involved in carrying a call that is generated either overseas or inland. Any thing else u would like to know?


    Hi Amit and Mahesh
    Thanks for the reply.

    Amit, I am not using Voip. I thought VOIP would eliminate huge costs per call and also connectivity problems at a high initial investment cost! You say that the problem is sure to crop up with VOIP.. I need to know how! Please elaborate why the problem would exist with VOIP.

    We have DOT and Bharti lines here. I am not sure about the technology is internally used.

    How can I control the cables and switches at all?!

    Please reply and help!



    A 48 seat callcentre ( VOIP) not IPLC based will will cost about Indian Rs 60 lakhs excluding the computers , place and furnishing in India.

    At US/UK end service of ASP’s can be hired for dialres and other services for which cost can be about 4$ per agent per hour usage

    Partho Mondal

    I am a newbie in Voip technology. I have however
    studied about it circuit switching, packet switching,
    h.323 protocols etc.But right now I just want to know
    that I want to have a voice setup i.e. I need to have
    my own VOIP setup. What hardware do I need to
    implement it and hwo to install that hardware. For
    example I have one office in India and anotherone in
    US and I want to make long distance calls to US so is
    it neccasary that some hardware also be present at the
    US office apart from the india office.
    Also I need to have my own Infrastructure rather thatn
    using net2phone which makes use of the Hardware of the
    ISp(or IP telephony service provider) . So basically I
    want to know what hardware that ISP(or IP tele.
    service provider) is using so that I can setup the
    same over at my office and if neccasary at the remote
    office as well.

    One last question I have heard that I may be needing
    some gateway devices for it but is there some other
    cheap solution as well like PCI cards which can
    replace the gateways and the vest thing would be if I
    could eliminate the need for the Hardware and make my
    computer act as a gateway or something like that by
    incorporating some piece of software into my PC.
    If I surely need some hardware then which products are
    the best and what are their cost range.

    Navneet Kapoor

    Hi Amit Naagar ,
    Can you please forward me the details of setting VOIP based callcenter having 200 seats capacity located in Chandigarh or delhi if you can forward me the comparision of available strategies then it would be more helpful to me, If you market such product then please tell me more abt your product bcz we have huge plans for northern india.

    Note : Anybody else can also forward details in this regard


    Amit Naagar

    Hi Navneet,
    ViOP is fast becoming popular with upcoming call center as this is a cheaper way of using the internet to make/recieve calls. Any how for a 200 seater call center i do not think VoIP can solve the purpose, but any way u can use a dedicated web server that u would need to install and not a shared server, secondly there are several technology and hardware available to enhance voice quality and reduce packet losses. I would need to know if your call center is outbound or inbound or blended and how many call per seat do u expect in a shift and the duration of each call.

    Amit Naagar


    Hi Amit,
    so what you think whats the max limit of seats for VOIP based call center initially we are thinking of outbound solution only but down the line we may migrate to blended solution too.



    i am interesting to do some thing whith tha VOIP. like callig cards
    so i have very good marketing contacts in canada. i like to know more infromatin about VOIP platform and gateways. i am in Canada. i am studying networking here.


    dear all
    i need to know the details of call centre industry as i am new to this and planning toopen a call centre in india at jammu,j&k.
    if someone can help me .reply soon


    Dear Rajeev
    What would u like to know?

    Rajeev gupta

    dear ashish

    what are the technical details required for setting up of call centre and hardware infrastructure,what all required for connectivity,how can we get the clients.


    No of seats to start with
    Where the calls originate from and what network they take to come down to India (IPLC leased Circuit) VoIP or anyother
    What kind of CTI applications you wish to run and the complexity
    The kind of project


    Hi Raja
    We can do something using a swicth and running a VoIP calling Card Seeling these products in Canada.
    Calling Cards to India or something like that

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 43 total)
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