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Call centres in India

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    Is there any site which gives the information on all call centres in India with their specializations, address and also the contact persons who are concerned with various departments.

    Muj Syed

    Hi Rashmi

    Ur question has a 100 page answer, lots of Call Centers are doing very well in India and as per the current studies, overseas markets outsourcing their call center needs to overcome their huge spendinga without compramising on quality.
    Many CALL centers are in infancy stage due to improper training facilities and technology selection.

    Delhi, Noida ,Banglore, Mumbai and hyderabad are the major tier cities offering CALL CENTER SERVICES and catering to fortune 500 companies including GE.


    Dear Rashmi,

    Even I was looking for something similar, a list of all centers would really help me do my market research/comparative analysis geographically for myself. Let me know if you find something.


    Vikas Sharma

    Hi Rashmi and Vinita,

    You could probably be in touch with the ITES department of NASSCOM to get the latest updated list. For your reference a few of the names are given below:

    RT Outsourcing Services Limited
    Specialisation: IT Help Desk, Technical Support, Web Support for Softwares and BPO.

    Balwas e-com India LtdSpecialisation: Medical Transcriptions, Call centre, Animation, CAD/CAMLocation: Mumbai
    Barry-Wehmiller International Resources Pvt LtdSpecialisation: Web Page Design, Content Development, Data Processing, Engineering & Design Services, Website ServicesWebsite: http://www.bwir.comLocation

    Bharti TelesoftSpecialisation: Call CenterWebsite: http://www.bhartitelesoft.comLocation: Chennai
    Brigade Corporation India Private LimitedSpecialisation: Call centre, Support centre, Customer Contact centreWebsite:
    Brijlaxmi Infotech LtdSpecialisation: Medical Transcriptions, E-LearningWebsite: http://www.brijlaxmi.comLocation: Baroda

    Computer Generated Solutions Inc.Specialisation: Network Management, Online EducationWebsite: http://www.cgsincindia.comLocation: Bangalore
    Consolidated Futuristic Solutions LtdSpecialisation: Back Office Operations, Call centreWebsite: http://www.cofuture.comLocation: Gurgaon
    Cool Reservations Pvt LtdSpecialisation: Website ServicesWebsite: http://www.coolres.comLocation: New Delhi

    Cyber Initiatives (I) Ltd
    Specialisation: Back Office Operations, Engineering & Design / Supply Chain, E-Learning, Website Services
    Location: Ahmedabad

    Data Infosys Ltd
    Specialisation: Website Services, Telecom infrastructure
    Location: Jaipur

    First Ring
    Specialisation: Call centre, Customer Care Outsourcing, Support Services, Telemarketing, Back Office Operations, Website Services

    i2 Technologies India Pvt Ltd
    Specialisation: E-Business Services
    Location: Mumbai


    Dear Vikas

    Thanks a lot for your information. Can you please let me know if you have any details of the company Verette (which was called Technecall before) in Mumbai. I have already seen the ITES list at NASSCOM URL, but particularly this site is not responding.

    If you come across the same anywhere, kindly mail me the details.

    Thanks again for you info.


    Rashmi V


    Hi Rashmi,

    I do not have information about Mumbai based organisation known as Verette, however I can provide you a URL on which you may get some informatoin regarding Verette (US)

    other wise

    May I know , the exact profile you are looking forward to, so that I can suggest something else of similar type.


    i want information on research done on job analysis in call centres in india.

    G. Praveen Kumar

    i would like to know whether any company by name C R Systems exists in hyderabad india if so its URL

    Uday Kumar Menon

    I am a Medical Transcriptionist and I am interested to become a Call Center Eexecutive. I would like to know, what are the basic work of call center and what all are the eligibilitycitaria for the same.
    Please be very specific about the jobs handled by a Call Center


    Hi Uday the basic work of a call center is to handle customer calls for someone else(the client). Say I run a call center and my client is ICICI, then any person dialing to customer service of ICICI will be routed to my call center where my CSE will handle the call. the requirements are Graduation and good learning aptitude


    1.Pl let me know the basic infrastructure facilities reqd to run & manage call centre?
    2.What will be probable investment required & what are returns on investment?
    3.What are agencies providing franchise/support with reputed call centre management?
    4.Pl brief note on present status of call centres & their sustainability considering present economic downtrend & cut-throat competetion in India?


    Verette has closed down on Feb 2002 I was an employee of the company


    HI guys.

    There are many call centers located in Bangalore and Hyderabad.
    Basically, I would suggest people to move into Bangalore and have one year of experience in Majors like DELL, INTEL, MSOURCE, DIGITAL COMPAQ. Even the Microsoft is going to come to bangalore.


    dear Sir,
    I found nice info from your message, thankx for this info and i m get one good path in IT field so i m interested to establised my own call centre at My town place at Rajkot / Gujarat.

    so please give me needfull detail for this call center establisment , how to approch & whom contact for work & what is cost for enfrastructure what i indstrument i need .. and at last what i will get from this thing.
    thanks .. i will wait for your positeve reply.



    Hi! Everyone,

    I am new participant in theCall Centre Forum. Interesting data here..

    Well I am working as Customer Services Manager with a first party eLearning call center in Delhi.

    I would love to be of any help and will love communicating with all.
    Ajay Narain Kaul

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 26 total)
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