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How to start a Call Centre trng Insitute

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    I want to start a call centre training insitute , can anyone give me information on this pls.


    Sub: Enterprise Training

    Information Exchange India Ltd (IEIL), Chennai, is the pioneer in Convergence Solutions in the Country. IEIL is offering Enterprise courses for training skilled manpower for Contact Centers.

    IEIL is also setting up Contact Centers as outsourcing centers for companies in US and other countries. The US operations are based in Troy, Michigan USA. The centers will be doing work for insurance, automobile, real estate, cable network and consumer segments.

    Over the last decade IEIL group has successfully offered customer support services to many MNC’s. It is also into training for the last 15 years in IT services and technology area.

    The Enterprise courses offer Technology training, Skill level improvement and customer orientation, Agents to Managers, all aspects of Contact Center handling are covered.

    The training programs and materials are designed as per training methods in US, with faculty well versed in the subject. IEIL has trained and placed several students.

    A Study of the IT enabled Services industry requirements undertaken by National Association of Software Manufacturers (NAASCOM) and Mckinsey, a leading international Consultancy Organisation indicates that during the next three years, the demand from the industry will be in the region of over 2,50,000.

    IEIL will be happy to offer its help in training or placement, you may contact the undersigned or K.Balasubramanian for more information. We are attaching a brief outline of our training courses for your reference.

    Thanking You,

    With regards,


    we require trained call center executives.

    krsna yadav

    To Abi,

    I will revert back to you with details you require if you name me your exact details and requirements.

    uday kiran

    i want to start a call center,where can i get the contacts and the details of which companies are looking for the setup of call centers.

    thanking you,

    uday kiran

    Amit Naagar

    Hi Uday Kiran,

    Do you want the list of companies who wish to start a call center or do you want a list of companies that can help you set up a call center?


    Dear Mr. Naagar

    Can you point me to information and or resources on how to start a call center or setup a call center.

    I would greatly apprecaite your help or any one in this forum. Thanks


    m. lebourdais

    I came across these messages in my search for information about developing call centre capacity as a community development initiative. can anyone out there help me find relevant information?

    Amit Naagar

    Hi Lebourdais,

    I’am not really sure if u could find any exclusive info on this but yes i can give u some tips to choose from.

    Firstly as call centers employ a large population therefore it surely help in employement.
    This profession does not have a age barrier therefore it could help even the senior citizens get a job (non voice call centers). I guess the main root cause of any community is unemployement and illiteracy, as this profession does not require a high level of academic qualification therefore it does solve the problem even more.

    This industry is not dependent upon locational prefrences therefore it could help elevate even the less developed areas in a country.

    I hope this would be enough for ur study in case u need more info, ask me.


    Hi Cosmic,

    There are several sites where you could buy project reports fro setting up a call center. If you need my help in this regard let me know what kind of info do u require. Do u need info on technical or financials of setting up a call center.


    I need more info on the skills that you train call center agents on.



    we want to start a callceter training institute .pl send the requirements.


    So you want to set up a call centre training institute.

    Well, you need two things:

    1. You need to understand about call centres.

    2. You need to know about training.

    Do you qualify in either of these respects?


    Thank you for your responses. Cosmic: I would be interested in those sites where I could view/buy reports from existing call centres, both technical and financial.
    Cynic:I’m sure there are more than 2 things we need!! We are absolutely starting from square one here…very much in the research stage at this point.
    After I sent my first post, I realized I should perhaps mention that we are located in a remote part of British Columbia, Canada.Access to adequate telecommunications infrastructure is an issue, but the governemnt has been promoting broadband in rural areas as part of an economic development strategy.

    k olofson

    Hello Mr.Naagar, i am very seriously looking to start a call centre a.s.a.p, any information you can help me with would be greatly appreciated. Lists of companies looking for call centres, and/or companies that help to set up call centres would be super.Thanks.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 29 total)
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