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How to start a Call Centre trng Insitute

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    Vineeta Yadav

    Hi Pranathi

    Which city are you planning to set up the institute in? May be I can help you.

    Amit Naagar

    Hi K olofson,
    Which city are you planning to start the call center, i can give you the names of companies only once i know where you intend to start the call center.

    Mr. Naagar

    Thanks for your response.

    I would greatly appreciate it if you could point me to the sites were I can buy this project plans and also Technical and Financial information that would help me make a decision.

    Some of the prospective locations that I am interested in starting are Bangalore and Hyderabad or towns close by to these cities.

    I am not sure if they will allow me to give out my e-mail address here. But I can be contacted at the following [Webmaster’s note: Sorry, no.]

    Thank you in advance and look forward to hearing from you.



    The intended location is kamloops,bc canada.

    Tariq khan

    Hi all
    I wish to start a call centre in my city(Banglore) and i am looking for advice from all you people. Can someone please tell me the sites or places where i can get the necessary help.Thanks


    Hi, I came across this site while looking for info. on how to start a call center. My main concern at this point is the technical aspect sush as the hardware and software necessary to get a 10 station call center set-up. Any Linux OpenSource software out there for this purpose in terms of alturnative solutions to expensive proprietary software?

    Thank you,

    Chris L.
    Ottawa, Canada


    I want to open a Call Center in Chennai. pl. tell me on how to get orders


    Mr. Lebourdais,

    Pricewaterhousecoopers has conducted a call center study for the greater toronto area. The report is available at Te report was commissioned by the greater toronto marketing alliance as a community initiative so I hope you find it useful (i had to dig thru a lot of old files for that info!!)

    Also, as Mr. Naagar rightly mentioned that call centers provide a good amount of employment which varies from 2% to 3% of the population for developed countries such as US, UK, France, Germany and there are various other benefits which one does not quickly perceive.

    In India this is a relatively new sector and for this reason as well as lack of other similarly compensating jobs the young see it as a career unlike as in developed countries. However this is bound to change as the industry matures when call centers will be looking to employ housewives & retired professionals allowing them to earn extra income (afterall the english literacy rate in India is highly bloated and has not been audited)

    From my studies I have found that call centers infact induce a vast social change. The primary benefit is by increasing the standard of life. This is done by making more and more companies accountable for their service. This ranges from basic utilities to consumables and services. It forces companies (and even govt councils as demonstrated in UK) to go the extra mile.

    Mr. Lebourdais, I’d be happy to deeply participate in this discussion, if interested we could start another article thread.

    Have a nice day!


    Smriti Mehta

    Hello to everyone who aspires to be a training professional or start his own setup,

    Its nice to see that we share the same interest. I appreciate your interest in opening a training institute. The Best Person you can find to guide you all the way will be Mr. Upkar Chhibber, he is heading his company ie UP-ZEON INC. I have attended his session in september last year and have found the direction which i was looking for since past 3 years. Though he is very selective in dealing with people but if you have the fire to do something related to training people to be their best what ever may be the area of interest, he would certainly work with you to realise your goal of opening the training institute.

    With all consultants focus on infrastructure, technology etc to build up a training institute, none bothers about the content of what you wish to provide. Today all the people will work to get money out of your pocket but none will work out to fill your bag. Its a great idea for starting a training institute but what will make you a success will not how you present yourself in the market but how successful would a person be when he steps out from the training institute… In the current scenario you will find all the best resources to frame up your center, you can find readymade modules that you can add to your services, hire some trainers, put some people on Business development and marketing…….. but what is that what will get you business.. Its your strategy how you deal with your clients, your trainers… till the time you are not trained in what your institute work for… you cannot be successful. Why i am writing all this is that I was in the same situation sometime back but couldn’t crack the secret how to go about things especially if your goal is a training center… I got my answers, I am currently doing research in training psychology… after successfully delivering training services to individuals and the man behind my success is Upkar.

    Keep in mind that money doesn’t matter for him, its the character and interity that binds him with people who are willing to succeed in life. He is also one among the 6 indian psychic healers associated with world reknown free healing organization ORALIN. He is also among the few people who can provide training on the application of NLP (Neuro-linguistic Progmg) in sales and managment. As i have written in my earlier message that you can search the web with any search engine (google/yahoo etc) with his name ‘upkar chhibber’ as the keyword. You will reach him… I wish you best of luck for your new venture.
    Best regards,

    Pradeep Narayanan


    I found this page while looking for information and must say that this thread gave me some clear direction towards my quest.

    I am looking forward to open a Call Center in Toronto Ontario. I already have the related CRM Project in hand. I would appreciate if someone could provide me with info/suggestion on the setup process/procedures or may be some contacts.

    Thanks in Advance.
    Pradeep Narayanan.


    Why the MNC make a call centre in india?


    I want to start a call centre-training institute, can anyone give me information on this Please!
    I am a MCP, MCSA, MCSE, and will be a MCT very soon! I also have my Comptia A+! I live in a small community in Ontario, Canada! We just got DSL high-speed connection and are working on setting up Broadband T1 line!

    I would also like information on companies who want to set-up a Call Center in Ontario, This would really be an asset to my community, which really needs the employment.

    My community would be an excellence location for a Call Center.
    We are located between Toronto and Ottawa, being in Rural Ontario the building cost is a lot lower and the Taxes are a lot cheaper. With the Population of 3200 and the unemployment rage at 12.5%, the plan is to train and make jobs for my community!I really need infromation on setting this up! Thanks!!

    Respectfully yours,

    satish bg

    good after noon sir/ madma

    iam satish serch forjob in call centre i have completed PUC& currently doing my B A course by crosspondse. i have communation skill, plz come be details of call centre job & email me fast as possbile ok currently under going call centre traning from Tran -link.

    Thank you


    hi every one how are you all, im very new to the IT world so do excuse the DUMB questions here,i wanna set up a small call center in pakistan for my small company in USA for the sales team,only thing is i dont know anything about it nore the cost,is there anyone who can help me out with things that we will need along with A to Z system my email is you can also contact me at 1714-932-6051 we are planning on starting this somtimes after feb 2006 if anyone can help with to buy and wat is used on not so Commercial setup, since its gonna be only for my use i will have in start 5 and in with in month or so upto 15 seats there HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPP PLEASE

Viewing 14 posts - 16 through 29 (of 29 total)
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