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Routing the calls on queue

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    John Bruce

    Is it possible to restrict the number of calls (say for example 1000 calls) on the queue?. Other calls should be routed to the answering machine. If the customer leaves his/her contact number, the agent can call back to the customer and provide better service. This may avoid the customers from being waiting on the queue for a long time and also he/she will be provided better service by an outbound call.
    Consider the following situation: A customer is waiting for 30 minutes to get connected to any agent. Actually he/she is supposed to get connected next but he/she doesn’t know that (Because the caller on the queue will not be knowing the number of callers on the queue before him. Even though there are no calls waiting before his call, he might be thinking that there are so many calls waiting before his call.). He/She decided to disconnect the line. If the same customer experienced the same situation once again he is no longer going to call me. Under these situations both the call center and the customer will not be satisfied. From the customer’s point of view ….. it is waste of time and unsatisfied with the service. From the Center’s point of view …. they lost a customer.
    Any information or suggestions regarding this would be greatly appreciated.




    Most ACDs have queue limiting capability, another means of limiting queue is limiting inbound trunks. If you would like to discuss more indepth, you can email me @


    Sherry Redden Evans

    There are many options you may want to consider… DO you use an IVR to route calls along with the ACD?? If you have an IVR you can design the routing so, if the caller is in queue for x amount of time, a recording informs the caller, that they are next in line and the approximant time they will need to wait for their call to be answered. Again, there are so many options for you to consider… and most technical infrastructures already have the tools necessary to implement the changes. If you would like to review, I’ll be happy to share information with you. You can reach me at 770.772.7377, or


    I gonna establish an IVR which allows the callers to opt to transfer their calls to a call centre. In case the call centre’s line is occupied, the calls will be placed in a queue.

    I’ve the following questions:

    1. Is call queue an intrinsic featue of IVR or ACD?
    2. I heard that ACD is not supported by Centrex. Then how about PBX? Is ACD supported by all PBX?

    Could someone help?


    Hi Julian:

    To answer your questions,
    1. Call queue is normally associated with ACD.

    2. I am not familiar with Centrex, but most PBX’s have ACD an add-on product and in some PBX’s it’s a built-it feature.

    Hope this helps!


    Some ACD’s have Conditional Routing capability; ie If x number of calls arrive at the ACD (which is approaching your capacity), send them to an Answering machine (or give the caller the option to leave a message because of high call volumes), if this condition is not true then the call continues to route in a normal fashion to an agent

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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