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    Linda M. Doyle

    I am opening a customer service centre for small businesses. I want to be able to provide my clients with the same things big companies have. I am not sure what kinds of software to start with. What is necessary and who to go to to find this information out.

    Can someone help me?


    I have been involved in 2 start ups for call centers – one big corporation…one small company.

    Can I help?


    I am currently responsible for setting-up a call centre in Newcastle. Is there any body would like to join in? I am looking for a call centre manager.

    Also I am looking for a call centre consulting company, any suggestion?



    I am interested in speaking to you regardig your skill. The position is overseas though.
    Lets talk if you are interested. Let me know ahead of time by emailing me at




    I am interested in speaking to you regardig your last submission on 1 feb. Were you able to find any talent from here, and if not where else did you look for it.
    I am looking for someone willing to move overseas to be a part of a cutting edge 900 seat call center in south asia.
    Let me know if you can help.


    Kim Vey

    I’m in Canada and not sure where all the emails are originating from. I am a call centre consultant and willing to help – let me know what you need,

    Paul Stellato

    Kim, I’m going to be starting a new call center in Canada in the next couple of weeks, I would be very interested in speaking with you. You can send me an email at

    Marie BC

    Although I have 16+ years of call center management experience,
    my exp have been limited to working for a large pharm company. Now, I am in the process of setting up a SMALL call center for an ad company. My challenge…finding the best database for his needs. The agents telecommute, and he can’t afford the systems I’ve used in the past. With a budget of about $15,000 what can I afford?

    David Partington

    I am keen to set up a call centre in NWEngland. Ihave the unit , I need to know the specification/layout required and likely revenue/source; I may sub-let the site. Any info would be very appreciated.

    Mohammed Ullah Miron

    Dear Sir,
    I am from Bangladesh.
    In recent days I have seen that some professional CALL CENTER are relocating their CALL Centers to India, for taking advantage of the Cheap Skilled Labour Force in India.
    As the same type of situation prevails in Bangladesh, I m planning to set up a CALL CENTER in Bangladesh, as such I would like to get in touch with any renowned CALL CENTER company in USA/Europe who would be interested in relocating there centers in Bangladesh.

    Eric Bush-Moline

    If you are looking for a consulting firm that has experience helping people start new call centers and improve existing centers. send me an e-mail at

    Tim Harvey

    Responses to two issues:
    We have call center consulting expertise for small to very large call center environments. Our setups have run from 25 to over 1200 seats. We specialize in mid to high end solutions and also outsourcing for money minded managers. Our current center houses 750 seats for both in and out bound calls. We have 5 US sites to host the switches and route the traffic to India. Please take a look at our website for our full line of services and call me if you have any questions or interest.

    Second, I had a career in staffing for about 7 years before getting into managed services sales and know many people either headhunters or professionals that have expertise in the call center and IT arenas. Should you have questions or need help in either area, send me an email to discuss.

    Tim Harvey
    VP Sales and Marketing
    GNG Solutions, Inc.
    Atlanta, GA. , USA
    mobile: 404-664-8568


    Hi Rzhou ,
    I can help you with the issue.
    Plz contact me at

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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