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we can help any kinds of quintum config

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    Jacky Chen

    If the call is coming from FXO to IP, How to config Quintum AX to accept the call from FXO? Pls send me the configration.


    I have a ISDN with 30 DNIS/DID number. I would like to forward each call from different DNIS to my different POP with ANI. Can Quintum do this?

    For example 3 DNIS : 1)111 2)222 3)333. and any number (ANI) call to 111 will forward to POP A. ANI call 222 will forward to POP B and so on.

    Is it just simple as using sroute to set each DNIS number like
    config be sroute 1# callsig ;
    config be sroute 1# dn 1 111* 0 0 2

    Thank you for your solution.

    MikeM to Royw

    Yes you can route the calls to a different IP address based on the DID that is received from the E1 line. You just need to create the static route as you mentioned in your message. The sroute should be based on the DID. The ANI will be passed along with it.

    But if you are looking to route the call based on the ANI, this cannot be done.


    Royw to MikeM

    Thanks MikeM. Another question, If I use Mfg and get the result as below, is it mean that my pstn port has problem or faulty? I can’t detect any call from my ISDN.

    Digital Tenor Manufacturing Test starting (0xFFFFFFFF)…
    Quintum:Smartcom> mmffgg ee

    ***** Digital Tenor Manufacturing Test Results *****

    Pattern = 0xFF, Total Repetitions = 0.0
    Total Errors: PSTN = 40, PBX = 0, DSP = 0

    MikeM to Royw

    In the digital unit, I really do not trust the mfg test.

    What do the alarms tell you (ala act)? If there is no alarm on the port that you are connecting to ISDN, then chances are the unit is ok and we would just need to troubleshoot this to find out what is happening to the calls.


    shashank pandey

    i want to configure quintum A800 with gnugk and i need help in that can any u help me.
    i am new born baby in this field.
    i want quintum as gk .

    waiting for help
    shashank pandey

    MikeM to shashank pandey


    You are saying 2 different things, you have a gnugk, but you want the tenor as gk?

    I would need more specific information on what you want to accomplish. I would be able to provide you my services to do this work.

    Please contact me directly at

    Mike M


    I have a Quintum AXT 2400 FXO hooked up to Cell Sockets( a odd product if I may say so) I need to send a # after the number is dialed out.

    The Quintum is getting: 63-xxx-xxx-xxxx
    It needs to send out:

    Can somebody help?


    Hi Kaleb,

    You can replace 63 by 0, using HopoffNumberDirectory (hnd).

    To send out a # for outbound call, you can try to use AddEndOfDialDigit which can be found in TrunkCircuitRoutingGroup (tcrg). I never tried it, but you can have a try.



    Hi, Everybody.
    Can you helpme to config Quintum AX for allow incoming call and specify a DID number.
    I have the DID number and the Ip address of another gateway please helpme,,,, Thanks,,,


    MikeM to Taisisgüe

    You need to set forcediprouting number to the did you want to use and set a static route to the IP address you want to send to and make the dn simply a *.

    If you need more help on configuration, you can contact me directly to discuss my services and assistance.

    Mike M


    Thanks for your help Mike, but is it all? the DN = * in the StaticRoute or in tcrg? in the priority is 0 or What?
    I configered but send me e error
    monitor# lastcall
    Last Call Info :
    SeqNum = 861
    DestNum = 17189892981
    CallDuration = 0
    CallStartTime = 20061113142600
    CallEndTime = 20061113142609
    Disc. Cause = 1 – (Unallocated (unassigned) number

    MyIPAddr =
    RemoteIPAddr =
    CallType = 1 (Voice)
    InSlot =
    InLine = 1
    InPort = 8
    OutSlot =
    OutLine =
    OutPort =
    OrigNumber = 9107

    CDR counter = 861


    MikeM to Taisisgüe

    As I said, first you must configure a number in the tcrg forcediprouting field. This is the DID that you will specify for the calls.

    Then you configure a static route to the destination IP with a * in the DN so that all calls are sent there. The priority is not important if you only have the one static route.



    Thanks so much Mike, Now Iam more sure. I have 4 Static Route:
    1= Is not in use now.
    2= Is working now(this is for outgoing calls the priority is 255)

    3= is working now for incoming calls

    4= the SR that I configured for the DID number only for incoming calls.

    I made some test and is not working yet I hear the busy tone.

    Thanks so much Mike Have a great day.

    MikeM to Taisisgüe

    First, you generally do not need any static routes for incoming calls. Mostly for outgoing only. So you should be able to safely remove any static route that is just for incoming (unless you are doing prefix or digit delete).

    As for the busy signal, without looking at your config and watching a call, it would be difficult form to tell what is the problem. My guess, since you have one sroute for outgoing calls, there may be a conflict there and you need to make the sroutes specific to the calls. For example, the new sroute, instead of just *, you probably need to set the dn to = the forcediprouting did you set and set the priority to 25 and on the old sroute for outgoing set the priority to 20.

    For any other assistance, you may email me directly.

    Mike M

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 109 total)
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