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we can help any kinds of quintum config

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    MikeM to monzur


    Not really sure what you are asking. If you want to pass call from voxbone to AS unit and out to PSTN, then you need to configure the hopoff number in the AS.

    If you want to go from PSTN to AS to VoxBone and it is SIP, you will need a sip server and configure the quintum to use the sip server.

    If you need more assistance, you can contact me at


    MikeM to Hareez


    1. To check for dialtone on the AX unit you would type the following;

    debug test o 1

    This will check for dialtone and then you must end the test by typing

    debug test e

    2. For making test call, well if you do not have another gw to make the call, there is really not much you can do. You can use the

    debug test d 1 xxxxxxxx (xxxxxxx = number)

    To dial a call out of the line that you have the first test running on, but you will not be able to talk over it.



    HI, i have a tenor ax installed. Im able to send receive internal calls off my nortel cs1000 but i m not able to make outgoing calls. After dialling digits i get a reorder tone after a few seconds.
    Help please.

    MikeM to frankB

    Without seeing the full config and log, it may be difficult to say, but I suspect that either you do not have a sroute configured to allow for outbound calls to IP or your dialplan is not setup correctly. First thing, make sure your dialplan is set with the maxdn increased to allow enough digits, remove the internatl prefix and any other prefix.



    Thanks for the response MIke,
    i have the ax set at 15 max digits
    but it seems whenever i dial any external no. (9xxx…)the calls get rejected. i had a guy from quintum look at the logs when i dialled and he said i was getting 400 series msgs from the sip. he said i should look at my nrs but that seems fine to me,on the other hand a telecom engineer told me the problem has to be in the quintum. im really confused.

    MikeM to FrankB


    So I am guessing that if you are using a 9 prefix for dialing through the quintum you may be using the intercom prefix settings. Additionally you are using SIP and my concern would be the ability for the intercom settings to work correctly with SIP. I would really need to see the entire config and logs to start to determine what could be happening. I am not as familiar with SIP as I am with H323, but not sure that this is where the problem lies.



    I need Quintum AX24 & A800 origination pre paid calling card (phone to Phone)configuration.
    please anyone help me calling card configuration .

    MikeM to Nasiruddin


    there are several settings for this that I would need to know first. Please contact me directly at and I can discuss this with you.



    I have axt2400. I got a problem with my ax’s port. Call is not establish in some particular port. Too many calls are hitting but they are not establish at all.

    Can some one help me out from this problem.


    MikeM to shishir


    you mentioned that too many calls are hitting unit. This can be a bad thing. You should make sure that no more than 24 calls are going to the unit. After that, if no calls are going through, it might be a config issue. Check your HND settings to make sure that you have matching patterns and then do a quick test on each line for dialtone.



    Thank you Mike.

    But I think I can not explain my ax’s

    I use this ax for three month. One day i got problem with ax’s 29,20,15.
    Too many calls are hit on this port but they are establish a little. For
    an example 348 calls hit but only success call is 2 and min is 10.After
    one day i got no dial tone on that port. So,I thought it could be problem in patch panel. I replaced that and i got dial tone on that port. But same prob as hitted too much but establish not too many.

    Mike can you give me any suggestion
    on that problem.

    Thanks and regards

    Ani John

    Can anybody help me in the sip configuration of Tenor Ax 2400. I am finding problem local extensions are working but external extension if I call says busy. can someone help me on this


    Dear all

    i will be greatful if anybody help me in my problem , i have Quintum AX/FXO and using for temination , but now i have aproblem of Fails answer supervsion , i dont know where i have start and how i can fix it . also if anybody have a manual for config voip on Quintum i appreciate if he put it here so we can benifit from it.

    My Regards

    MikeM to Rabar


    Most everything you ask for can be found on Quintum’s web site. For the answer problem, please go to Quintum’s web site and search for answer supervision and you will find a document that explains this. For a complete manual, go to the support page, choose your model type and you will see the manuals.



    Hi I’m Ashraf
    I use quintum A800. I wanna make call using my gateway from my office pc remotely, please help me to solve this. Thinks

Viewing 15 posts - 91 through 105 (of 109 total)
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