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Need reference on VoIP Billing

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    It seems the SysMaster is half the price of PortaBilling100. Does anyone got some ideas if SysMaster Billing software is a reliable?

    We would want to have prepaid calling card recharge facility and interface with different language, can SysMaster do it?

    Is SysMaster easy to use? any shortcoming about this product?

    PortaBilling100 seems to be good but it is like double the price of SysMaster.

    Any comments about these products?




    I am looking for a prepaid calling card billing software. The main requirement for our company is to allow customer to recharge their existing calling card THROUGH THE PHONE USING THEIR CREDIT CARD IN REAL TIME i.e. 24/7. Can anyone give me some suggestion which software would allow this functionality? I have contacted PortaOne, but their software couldnt provide the solution that I want. Any comments/ suggestions? Thanks


    sysmaster can do it if you have their gateway and billing

    it is called account recharge.
    The customer must originally sign up. If he needs to recharge, he can do it through the IVR withphone prompts or do it via the web.

    The Voicemster is now version 2.0

    You can do the solution with the gateway for about $25,000 to $35000 depending on your requirements.

    I would e-mail the
    or call them. check out the website for the number.

    This company is at every trade show. They have a following. Of course there is negetive BS, but we all know people talk crap about alot of things.

    Saul Bejarano

    I think your best choice is a Voicemaster, it will give you all the flexibility required, if you need help with your configuration we will be more than happy to help you and guide you thru at no charge.
    Or join our forum where we support voicemaster, Quintum and Cisco applications and post your questions, we will post our answers.


    you gotta check out the new hardware too.
    We saw it at their offices.

    the product is really evolving.


    I have used their system, Voicemaster, that is.
    I like the fact that I am very flexible with my rates.

    As far as support goes, they are very good when trouble shooting. I could not care about their attitude, especially for the price Other companies are just as bad, so I decide on the product.

    Honza Vomacka

    > I like the fact that I am very flexible with my rates.
    Have ever saw PortaBilling? It always have been one step ahead of the Voicemaster in terms of the rate flexibility. May be they have recently implemented it, but not too long time ago VM did not even have such a simple feature “put a new rate in, so it will become effective 00:00 on the 1st of December”. I saw poor VM customers setting up alarm clocks, so they will quickly run to their system and put the new rate in. PortaBilling had the “rate effective from” feature for ages, plus many more – including extremely flexible rate upload/download…

    Kevin Rose

    Eyebill\Logisense will not disconnect a prepaid call in real time when its balance reaches zero.
    It will only disable the account from making future calls. That may cause prepaid leakage, revenue loss, and huge fraud problems when consumers learn about this exploit and spread the word.

    This is a known issue with most vendors that integrate with a third party radius server. The radius server is responsible for call disconnection, and to do that, it need to know the balance and apply the effective rate rules. This is can only be accomplished when the billing vendor also makes the radius.

    QiiQ, Portaone, and Sysmaster., are all decent vendors. They basically took,,, apache and perl and tied it all together.
    I think that companies that merely integrate open source components, should charge only for support and definitely should not price it like a proprietary solution. At least if they do so, they should give a portion the revenues back to the open source community.
    The reason that people are experiencing ongoing technical issues with open source vendors is because these vendors simply can’t solve all problems.
    Lets take one of the most common issues, a codex translation failure during protocol conversion. – an open source vendor will not even try to fix it. Instead he will wait for the community who wrote the component to make a fix publicly available. This sometimes can take very long. Take Vovida for example, they are the one who wrote the code that sysmaster uses for protocol translation Their latest release of the protocol conversion stack is two years old. The other stacks are older…

    Commercial companies like Radvision create such components for software vendors. When you buy a product that is based on a Radvision stack and not a Vovida stack at least you know it is commercially supported all the way. Radvision or Vovida, I still prefer a reputable company like Cisco\Quintum for call routing.
    For billing I prefer vendors who are focused only in billing like: Portal, Alepo, MindCTI, Intec.
    The VoIP market is becoming very competitive. The per minute price difference between players is becoming small and negligible. It is no longer the lowest price per minute market. Only players who give the most reliable service will win on the long run.
    Another issue with open source solutions is that most of them are good as proof or concepts but only few scale well.
    Take for example Portaone who state 100 requests per second. On optimal constant line utilization, and if you’re fine with it failing during irregular peaks, this will get you to 5-10 million minutes a month (depending on your ASR, ACD),. However, if you’re like the rest of us, and you have a vastly dispersed line utilization with significant peak bursts of 3-4 hours you will not even be able to reach 1 million minutes. Sysmaster does not publish specifications or performance numbers. It will be interesting to hear from anyone who is doing 10M minutes with a Voicemaster box.
    In addition, most of the open source based solutions has limited redundancy, and no always-on high availability. The system needs to be taken down when you do an upgrade, resulting in service unavailability, sometimes for few hours.

    When I consult to clients my recommendation is to consider open source based solutions only if they can’t afford proprietary solutions. And then be ready to throw them away when they grow.

    My two cents.

    – Kevin Rose
    Rose Consulting LLC

    Honza Vomacka

    > QiiQ, Portaone, and Sysmaster., are all decent vendors.
    > They basically took,,, apache and perl and tied it all together.
    You’re abosultely right, one important comment though: PortaOne is the only vendor who actually gives you access to the result code and allows you to see/modify it. The others place it in a “black box”

    Kevin to Honza

    Who cares if Portaone gives the source code or not? Anyone can download source code for open source projects from the web. This is why it is called OPEN source.
    Anyway, its obvious that people who buy portaone to begin with, has no resources that can use that source code, otherwise why wouldn’t they download the code itself from the web and compile it in the first place?

    Also is it true that Portaone uses B2BUA for radius accounting and prepaid enforcement for SIP? I read that this B2BUA will not scale even to 100 concurrent calls. Performance is still on their todo list… – .
    Just read the mailing list at – memory leaks, hangs, bugs. No one is developing this b2bua since 2003. It is an abandoned project, and it’s the only open source b2bua out there.
    No high availability, calls gets disconnected, no hardware acceleration.

    If anyone is serious about a VoIP business, they should not rely on open source software for call control and billing. There is not enough commitment from the community like there is for Apache and MySQL. It just won’t scale.

    Honza Vomacka

    > Who cares if Portaone gives the source code or not
    I think most of the users do care if they get from the vendor a compiled code with no ability to change anything – or they have access to the source code.

    > why wouldn’t they download the code itself from the web
    I am not sure you realize what you are talking about. Do you really think some small company with one or two developers can download Perl, Apache, MySQL, SER, … and make a VoIP softswitch/billing platform out of it? And how many years do you think it would take them?

    >Also is it true that Portaone uses B2BUA
    Yes it is true. PortaOne made a working solution based on Vovida B2BUA, spent significant amount of time on troubleshooting and improving it. Also, there is new a B2BUA available, developed completely from the scratch, which eliminates many of the Vovida problems/limitations.

    About the open source software in general – you’re absolutely right, the open-source itself is not that useful if there is no good development team and support behind it. This is exactly what you are paying for when getting PortaSwitch: for the development and support, so instead of downloading a bunch of free my-open-source-project-0.01.tgz and trying to make then work, you get a working and tested solution.


    I have no idea why a smart person would even consider to pay more and buy an “unlimited” version of Porta that in reality is limited in capacity, and will run less monthly minutes then a “limited” version of Alepo.

    If you want a true unlimited VoIP billing software, opt for an unlimited version from Alepo, one that can actually scale without limits…

    A Company in Distress

    We have ordered one of the Software vendors mentioned on this forum…Right now I am really disappointed..been almost a month and half and they still cant get anything to work properly and they seem to throw the blame on anything but themselves……Now i am fair minded person and I will wait.I dont want to point fingers at anyone.if nothing works out..I will spill the beans…Just feel so frustrated that because of a wrong decision your business cannot move…


    first of all if you want to buy a billing, you must use VoiceMaster. So you can understand what you want and don’t want.

Viewing 14 posts - 46 through 59 (of 59 total)
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