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Need reference on VoIP Billing

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    for what its worth, you left off the best provider.


    Who can tell me anythimg about

    Khoa Nguyen

    We are using VocalTec VoIP system. They recommend us to use Eyebill billing system. In my view, Eyebill is very good for all, but for specific, customized billing system, we need a domestic provider so we choose one. But, when we are moving to provide real-time service (prepaid service), we need a specific billing system that can handle realtime service. Please suggest us, if you can.

    best for the bucks

    Which voip billing is best for the bucks ?


    Appan KH

    The key parameter in telecom is call completion with quality. The billing shall include intelligent LCR for quality service.


    for real time, sysmaster offers the best value. stable and versatile billing options

    Honza Vomacka

    Sysmaster solution seem to be “cheap” on the purchase order, but you will pay the price by ordering extra modules which you will need for the normal operation. What’s even better – when you need to purchase module A, you will find out that it also requires modules B and C – and there is no documentation on the module dependencies which you can study in advance.

    response to Honza

    your answer is pure mythology.

    If you customize the system initially, it won’t cost alot, and it still will be less than the others you mention.

    If you want to test and have it hosted, go to voipamericas…

    they use VM

    Honza Vomacka

    No, thanks – I do not need a hosted VM. I use PortaSwitch, which is open-source (so I can make my own development/modification if I wish!) and I do not have to pay for extra ports, modules or new features. Plus it supports many features which are just absent in VM (rates to be effective in the future, templates, invoice designer, …)

    cost ?

    How much a reasonable cost on voip billing or even porta switch?


    Appan KH

    In deciding VOIP billing software you need to make a decision that you want to use the Sw for Telecom operation or you want to modify , support upgrade the billing software along with your telecom operations.
    Pl. keep in mind that software support modifications is different from telecom operations. No company can do both.
    If you want to be in only core telecom operation you need to go for quality and reliable biling softwate and take the support from software venders.


    below is the number of references google finds for each of the listed billing solutions. this list is sorted. we used these keywords billing+voip+prepaid+phone together with the web address of the vendor. we launched this discussion in april to receive recomendations on voip billing solutions. we’ve already choosen our billing. it is in this list but not the first one. hope the moderator will not delete this post, it is not an ad: first – this list can be checked (then one can decide to trust google or not), second – our choice is not from the top of this list (it is to show how many solutions to be considered by one who looks for voip billing). will send our choice with the next post.

    80 mindcti
    61 portal
    53 qiiq
    46 alepo
    42 ipsmarx
    40 sysmaster
    32 siemens
    32 portaone
    31 intec-telecom-systems
    27 adc
    27 logisense
    20 rodopi
    20 digiquant
    19 infozech
    18 ascenttelecom
    17 ivr
    16 flashorizon
    13 ipsoft
    13 teleknowledge
    13 primal
    11 maxbill
    10 daleen
    9 utstar
    8 cosmobridge
    7 imagen
    7 parwan
    6 isi-info
    6 kenan
    6 telinker
    5 sentori
    5 datatechlabs
    4 digitalpoint
    4 billmax
    4 isassoc
    4 ushacomm
    3 boardtown
    3 metratech
    3 eyebill
    3 inovaware
    3 mtsint
    2 dataflex
    2 dstinnovis
    2 aa-link
    2 globalthinktec
    1 oss-net
    1 abacus-billing
    1 mastersoft-group
    1 advcomm

    Noname to all about billing

    Everyone trying a new billing system should try the following test:

    1) Place one call ,on prepaid mode. What will be the normal prepaid calling card operation:
    When the first call is in progress, make a second call using the same account number: You guys will be surprised how many systems could be tricked that way to give you two $5:00 dollars calls on a single $5:00 dollars card.
    Matter of fact, unlimited ammount of calls could be done that way unless one of the callers hung up and the ammount gets deducted from the balance.

    2) Second test: Make one call on prepaid mode like before.When you finish the call, dial a second call using a dialer or speed dial from a phone with memory.
    Some billings will take few seconds to access the DB and deduct the ammount of the previus call from the balance, allowing a second, very fast call that will get the full balance, like the first call never was made.

    Oh, yeah. I read all this in a book. Never happened to me.

    I will not name companies, but this troubles are present on the billing system on the list.


    to: Noname to all about billing

    concerning the first problem “When the first call is in progress, make a second call using the same account number:” – the solution is – no more than one simultaneous access is allowed to accounts running in prepaid mode.

    Noname to Emin

    Well, sound simple enough.
    But you could not do it on the gateway, needs to be done on the billing.
    And the billing does not have that option, is wide open to abuse.
    And that billing system is on the list published .
    Seems something so basic that anyone writing software will have thought of it, but again…..

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 59 total)
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