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Cisco ATA 186

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    So I have two Cisco ATA 186, and I would like to connect them directly on the Internet, point-to-point, so I read a lot and as it seems I don’t need any gateway, right ?!

    The problem is that I’m not sure If I would be able to configure the devices propertly so they work fine. I’m from Bulgaria, the other office is Italy. I have to do this as soon as possibly, but I’m don’t know where to start from, now I’m very confused. Please provide some basic information or some good manual. Thanks in advance.

    One-Way comunication Problem

    Hi! every one

    I have configured the ATA 186, perfectely, and can esteblish calls , but they r only one way, as I can’t hear the other praty voice, when the ring was bell on his phone, when he picked up the phone, and when he droped the call, as he was only geting my voice, and can’t send his voice towards me.

    Please let me know what can be the possible causes of this malfunctioning on

    Thanks in advance.

    DUAL Talk

    This is almost certainly a NAT related problem because your ATA has a private IP address.

    Try DUAL Talk. We have features on our gateways that will usually fix this without any changes on your side.

    ATA 186 configuration and test information is shown at


    I am having difficulty connecting 2 x ATA-186s to each other in a point-tp-point configuration.

    I have managed to establish the call, but when the other end picks up the call, there is no audio whatsoever.

    Port forwarding has been enabled, SIP NAT ALGs have been enabled on the DLink DSL-504s at each end, and I’m pretty sure I have everything else right…

    Could anyone please offer any suggestions for my predicament?

    Thanks all,


Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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