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Cisco ATA 186

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    Shankar Venkatesan

    How do i realease the port 5060 & 6080 from my firewall to enable the ciso ATA 186 tomake calls

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    I’ve been using a Cisco ATA 186 quite successfully however I have a problem which I cannot make head or tail of. Sometimes one of the phones attached to the ATA 186 will not permit calls to get through to their destination and a busy tone is heard. The problem gets worse sometimes and will not let calls get through from both phones, the only solution so far that I’ve come up with is to remove the power supply for a few seconds and reattach it and then it works again. However the problem is becoming more persistent now and this unplugging and replugging in necessary after almost every call. Has nayone experienced this same problem ?
    Does anyone have any solutions please?

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    I solve my problem with the default configuration on ATA 186.

    Thanks a lot

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    Hi Everybody

    Has anyone configured Sip Gatekeepers Like Partysip , i want my cisco atas 186 to work with sip proxy server

    any help will be highly appreciated .


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    I bought a new ATA 186 but It is not working. My configuration table (http://IP/dev) does not have
    Gatekepeer or Proxy field( is missing ).
    Another problem is that I cannot get a dial tone on both telephone ports.

    How could I solve this problem ? Do I need a good firmware to solve the problem ? Please advise me where I can get the firmware or how I can solve this problem.

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    Using the indications from DUAL talk, setup your ATA 186 as described on thei page.
    You should get dial tone once you are done.

    Dial 123 # You should hear a test message.

    Dial any number plus a pound at the end.

    You should hear a diferent message.

    After that, open an account with them and send me $10 dollars for the tip.

    I should be running for governor of California…….

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    Hi Noname (who are you by the way??),

    I think Fred’s problem is with the firmware he is running. I am not an expert on these boxes; perhaps someone else will be able to help. Is he running the MGCP firmware?

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    I am one of your undercover sell agents.
    Just kidding, I have nothing to do with DUAL TALK.

    But we have echanged e-mails on the past , when you were trying the ATA 186 fro the first time on your switch.

    I just liked the way that you responded to the questions that I send you, even when I never bought anything from your company.
    The guilty feeling makes me try to send bussines you way. I think that you deserve it.

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    I understand. But, don’t feel guilty.


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    Hello ;

    I would like to know if anyone knows a cdr software like the abs of net2phone , that might work with the atas . This is for internet cafes customer who wants to have their own rates in the screen with this types of software that allows the owner to , put their own rate per minute

    If anyone know please let me know it s urgent

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    Hi everybody ,

    I want to configure CISCO ATA behind firewall kindly let me know the ports required to be opened on firewall.

    Also ata is not working behind winproxy any body suggest me the way out

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    Hi Everyone,
    Its really confusing for me to install my Netphone behind WinRoute.I don’t know if anyboday out there can help me through with some ideas on how to do this.Ur prompt reaction will be of great pleasure and important to me.I have install Winroute as my proxy server now how do i go about the Netphone stuff.Thanks for the concerning

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    we have already setup a sip server and ATA 186 on our remote areas. however we have some areas where the ATA is behind the proxy server. we were able to ring the number but when the user answers the phone there is no voice and after a couple of seconds it gives us a busy tone. i someone could help me on this.

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    Constantin Avadani


    I have problems with ATA Cisco , make noice und not fuction good because is not seting good or is problems because I am have one port in central for telefonii??

    I have need documentation complet for ATA Cisco 186

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    Hi All !
    Raju, I am trying to configure the cisco ATA
    186 behind NAT (On linux Squid Proxy Port No 3128 )and
    I also enabled Masq for Cisco ATA 186.

    I’ve updated the software that you sent for the

    It seems it’s configured and we are able see the
    latest software on web configuration page. I’m
    Attaching the updated configuration snapshot.

    The problem is we are unable to place any calls.
    RedLight Glows on the device when I lift the Phone
    receiver but there is not dial tone at all.

    Heare is the some Config for Cisco ATA 186
    IP =
    Subnet =255.2255.255.0

    Could you Please help me .
    Best Regards.

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