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CopperCom MXR400

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    Does anyone have any idea where I can get hold of the “WebSwitch 100 Configuration Manager” software ?

    Although the Net Manager Software is on the accompanying CD, the above isn’t.

    Any help would be welcome ?


    I did not have an idea about two diferent softwares for the Ericsson.

    The only one that I found is the one on the CD with the unit. Are you looking for something diferent????


    David (yah your real name — Right!) lol ,

    Where did you hear about the H.323 platform on FWD? I have tried to get information sinc Jeff Pulver told me about it about 2 months ago, but I cant seem to get answers or info.

    David Lear fwd# 41410

    Well Marcos, (your real name ?) I was at VON UK earlier this summer and that is where I heard it.
    The thought given at the time was that they were aware of the existing H.323 users out there. and I suppose – Hats off to Jeff, Ed and the team, nobody else seems as enthusiastic.
    As for the configuration manager software I think telnet is the appropriate solution. welcome to ring as well !! seems fitting for a voip subject


    Hi noname,

    If you press F1 in the Net Configuration Manager the help screen comes up in your browser. This shows the configuration of many other Webswitch 100 parameters via another application. Does anyone know where to get this software ?

    Marcos (aka Mark, my real ..)

    Jeff Polver indicated me last week that the h.323 gateway was for service providers, and not intended for end users.

    Noname to Marcos

    I never tried that. I only used the box as it come out.

    Shame that there is no info. That is a heck of a good gateway.

    Solid as a rock, never needed a reboot.

    Post if you find any info!!! Please!!!


    hv tried to configure webswitch 100 as suggested in their manual, the ip address192.168.10.1 and sub mask for the computer and run netmanager type but error mesage comes up – “could not connect to webswitch 100”. the phone ports are all working the power light is on, tried resseting as suggest by pressing * key for 20 seconds. the Tx light( for the RJ45) never turns on or blinks when resetting- is it a hardware problem or something i am doing wrong – could not locate related problem so + noname+ pls help ..


    I am looking for anyone who may be able to provide any type of documentation about CopperCOm MXR 400



    Have you located a copy of the “WebSwitch 100 Configuration Manager” software. I’d like to tweak my P4s and G4s.

    Great units so far, works without a hiccup. Just would like to better configure the phone books and ports.

    David Lear – yeah !

    a couple of hours ago I caught my big toe on a Coppercom MXR box – BUGGER!
    which reminds me – did anyone ever find out about it ?


    Any one out thier having any information regarding Coppercom -400 boxes pls advise..

    Levente Cseh

    Puzzled, you need to plug a phone into the 1st port of the WS 100.
    Don’t get confused, you don’t need to hold the * for 20 mins.
    Just keep holding it, until you see the 4 phone LEDs vibrating.
    Release the button, and the box will reset itself and reboot.

Viewing 13 posts - 16 through 28 (of 28 total)
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