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CopperCom MXR400

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    I am looking for anyone who may be able to provide any type of help or assistance with a CopperCOm MXR 400


    what is problm ?


    Need configuration information, default usename and password for HTML interface. any information helpful. coppercom provides a manual that only defines the ports!I can read the labels on the ports already

    Vernon Tempelmen

    hello mate, I also have a MXR400 from Coppercom, brought it through Ebay. where did u buy yours ??.
    Anyway, I also have the same problem, cant get the login information for the HTML interface, Have u made any progress on this matter as yet ?? can you let me know please

    Thanks V.


    I got the password for telnet it is “password” and I managed to do some modifications to the default settings, beyond that , no luck


    I have had no luck with these units either. I bought two, tring to make them talk to each other. No luck what so ever, sure would be nice if I had the password for the web interface? Anyone got it out ther? Email it to me please.

    Vernon Tempelmen

    Hi all, looks like we are all stuck in the same boat. I just checked the coppercom website the other day, and it seems like Coppercom are offering to sell the official Configuration manual for $100 or so dollars.. Am sure many other people most of logged this problem with them. Anyway should we all split this cost between us and get the manual ??? Better than letting these boxes gather dust ???


    thats an option, now who is honest enough to be trusted with the money?
    I have a 74 feedback on ebay? What about you?


    Count me in! Person with the highest feedback should bare the burden , I say.


    I bought two pairgain 300S SDSL modems, hooked one of them up to the mxr 400, and the MXR 400 see it, but it just tries to auto nego the connection, and keeps fialing.
    I have tried all the framers and atm settings. No luck.

    david lear

    Hi everybody, I just wiped a film of dust of my two mXR400’s
    I also spotted the “offer” and tried the site but couldn’t find the link when I went to pay – if any one has succeeded then I can paypal $/£ for the efforts
    PS – those Ericsson Webswitches are cute – wel worth it and no problem with info from those nice Ericsson people


    I had hoped this thread would not die!


    Someone wrote:”PS – those Ericsson Webswitches are cute – wel worth it and no problem with info from those nice Ericsson people”

    What information did you get???
    I got the password for the telnet session if anyone needs it. Write to mike3799@yahoo for it.

    I got my two ericsson boxes working, but I never could get any information on them.

    Anyone found anything else????


    David Lear – yeah my real name

    Ericsson Webswitches can be telneted with the ORIGINAL manufacturers username and passwords – which was a company called Solphone of Japanese origin – dont remember the fany US company name that brought it over but any way Ericsson hoofed it.
    Details ? I will have to dig them out but yield it does ! and in two months a free(?) H.323 platform gets connected to Jeff Pulvers FWD
    Now is anybody offering saleable info on the Coppercom MXR 400 ?
    and Telnet into them does reveal a hell of a lot – if not all, just THAT elusive html eh!

    noname About ericsson password

    About those Ericsson Webswitch 100 units.

    The password to telnet into the unit is soliton / solphone

    I tried ,but I do not know enough to make any real change.

    If any UNIX guru could make changes, please post results and ways to make the changes.


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 28 total)
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