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Setting up small point to point carrier

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    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for such a prompt and informative response.
    I didn’t know that the A800 had a CDR server so I was including the PBX in order to get the CDRs from it.

    I assume that the CDRs from the A800 are in plain text format (ASCII) and somehow delimited, so I will try to parse the file, feed it to a database, and then create a Website using the database as a source. I know that I’ll be reinventing the wheel, but I don’t seem to have a choice since billing packages are so expensive. The other solution is to find a Radius server that will be able to handle the VoIP traffic, but I will still have to manipulate the output to do my own billing. Does it seem like a good solution to you? Any suggestions?

    I did see a couple of A800 at eBay, and was tempted to buy them but I did realize that, al least at the beginning, I will need all the documentation and support that I can get from buying a new unit. I’ve already began calling a few companies in order to get a new A800 and perhaps a couple of A200s and A400s as well.

    Thanks again,


    Noname to Moya

    Dooonnttttt buy a Quintum A200 ,unless,you like pain and suffering.
    They are about to ditch the A200 and come out with their own version.
    You see ,the Quintum A200 is not really Quintum, is somebody else box with a Quintum sticker.
    They are weeks away from releasing their own version,something built by them and they will have access to the code.
    As right now, Quintum could not do much at all to the A200. They are not Cisco compatible, and all the help that you get from Quintum is very basic or a replacement unit.

    Billing too expensive: There are packages (O.K.,they are very basic) that will go for around 1k.
    Is that worth all the trouble of getting the CDR ‘s and get the wheel re-invented??
    Only if you are really good at it!!

    Good luck!!!



    For more info e-mail me at I can provide the docs. for the Analog units and some billing info. As far as “noname” I agree and don’t buy the A200. It is only a point to point device for small soho companies. Has no Radius or cdr capabilities.



    Thanks Noname, it seems that you just save me from a great deal of self inflicted pain. I will hold on and wait for the new device. Since you didn’t mention the A400 I will assume that it is a good unit.

    I’m very open-minded, and a lazy bum as well, so if I find a billing software for a reasonable price I will go for it.

    Dave, thanks for the offer, and yes, I will take you up on it. You can expect an email from me very soon.

    At this point in time I’m collecting as much information as possible in order to minimize the number of mistakes and headaches when I go live. Meaning that I do appreciate that you take the time to share your expertise, and I hope that somehow I will be able to reciprocate.



    To Moya

    No trouble to report on the A400, that is the same than the A800.
    I am sold on Quintum, getting a digital unit next month.
    By the way, people in Quintum have been very straightforward and truthfull about the A200. That is after they sold them to us.
    Be aware of sales people, as always, everywhere.
    I tink that they will eventually replace the remaining A200’s with the new units in same prorated basis, but that is just a personal opinion.
    For low cost billing ,check qiid in Canada
    The “list” is 2k, but keep talking.


    Thanks a lot!!!

    The sales guy that I did talk to neglected to give that small piece of information about the A200. I gues you are right about sales people:-(

    As per your suggestion, I will talk to qiid to see if that 2K can be taken down to something else.

    Thanks again and take care,



    Have Quintum Tenor A800. The unit keeps on resetting. What do you think is the problem and how do we correct this problem?


    upgrade software version from tenor website, recent vulnerability that keeps quintum from resetting might be the case..


    Hi All,
    I’m from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I’ve some agents who are doing International call business from there place to Bangladesh using Net2phone and other pc2phone services. I want to setup a Quintum Tenor (8 port) Gateway, Full Duplex Internet connection with Global IP and 8 Tellular with local mobile line.

    I need my agents will use various kinds of IP phones to call Bangladesh using my pre-paid accounts. I don’t want to setup any Gateways in my agents end and thats why they will use IP phone.

    So please let me know how I can make it and where I can find the real solution. I’ll be really greatfull to you all if I got the solution. Thanking you all.


    Dhaka, Bangladesh


    Hi everybody,

    I am going to buy a voip gateway.
    Does anyone know or have a comparison between Cisco ATA and Welltech FXS and FXO?

    Do you have any suggestion?



    do yu can help me where i can get the files sys.bin / sys.boot for install to my GW tenor a800 that is the reason is rebooting all the time and i have to install it .

    thenk for help


    where i can get the update for the tenor a800


    On the Quintum site, there is a area that is restricted to users with a login and password.
    That is the area where you could download the new software


    I am Abbas from Saudi Arabia.I have Hs telliann ip phone 3100 .can anyone help how to configure this to make calls to Bangladesh using any gateway ?


    well, what kind of gateway?

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 37 total)
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