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Setting up small point to point carrier

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    I’m really glad that I found you. I’m researching for few monthes now the VoIP option.

    I want to do point to point carrier, I talked to AT&T and got prices for fraction of T1 and I know how the call will be transported through their network to the destination country.

    I do not want to start big or something, I could handle 64 kb bandwidth for about 8 lines.

    My problem is the equipment, I found a lot of solutions but they are all expensive. I need something cheap as a start.

    The calls will be done PSTN-VoIP-PSTN do anybody have idea what equipment I might need?

    Do not bother with billing applications now, I just need the basic network.

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    Hi I can help. In your point to point is 8 lines at two locations? I can get you either digital or analog units. I can also outsource the billing for you so you don’t need to buy an expensive billing package. RADIUS based and fully web enabled.


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    You could have all in ONE with iEnsemble from Flashlinevive.
    The NEW FW make this solution afforidable and best trade of for small network or startup

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    Does anyone know or have a comparison between iEnsemble and Quintum 4-8 port Gateways.

    WHat are some of the features that differentiate these two products ?

    Advantages, disadvantages ?


    **Scenario Prepaid, Post-paid calling cards.

    What are the capabilities each has for handling individual customers and different customers rates.



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    Hi Ibrahim,

    Your best bet for something cheap but effective is the WellTech analogue gateway. It works with Quintum, Cisco, and NetMeeting and is cheap as chips.



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    hi at first 1line=24k
    ihave thats sol.

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    Hi everybody,

    I am going to buy a voip gateway.
    Does anyone know or have a coparison between Cisco and quintum?

    Do you have any suggestion?

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    Dear Ibrahim,

    Try to look at

    Kind regards,


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    Hi Ljubo,

    Do you have some experience to work with Quintom gateway too?

    I have one Ensemble but am going to replace it with a Quintom gateway . Do you have any suggestion?


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    Hi Davood,

    I just brought Tenor as well, for reasons or compatibility for receiving traffic. I still missing Billing for Tenor.
    iE, I will use for sending and Tenor for receiving.
    Ensemble is good pice of equipment but only what is missing is accurate answering/dissconnecting supervision, which we need for recieving.

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    Dear Ljubo,

    We found some problem with iEnsemble:

    1)For sending It has long calls while working Gateway to Gateway(Not while Gateway to Gatekeeper)
    and only one Gatekeeper can be set up.

    2)It does not support repeating when the custemor enters wrong number.

    3)iEnsemble supports only 2 promps to be recorded,while we need more for non english speakers in our country(Iran).

    Have you experienced these problems too?

    How about Tenor, does it have the same problems?


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    As fas as I know, but not tested, Almost all your problem had been solved with FW 1.6
    1. Long call setup, I am opinion that this depends on other GW. iE to iE, works OK
    with FW 1.6 more GK features
    iE to Cisco, work OK
    2. with FW 1.6
    3. FW 1.6 you can record your promptr, IVR solution
    By email I will send you some features of FW 1.6 or you contact Flashlune directly for more info

    I didn’t put Tenor in operation yet

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    I am trying to send trafick from quintum to a Cisco AS5300. but i see all the calls are getting disconected exactly on the 30 th second , does any body can help me

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    Hi everyone,
    I need your expertise on this:

    Will this work?

    Analog Lines– Local Gateway (FXO ports)– Gatekeeper —–Internet—- Remote Gateways (FXS ports)– Analog Telephones

    As an alternative to the prior scenario I’m also exploring this:
    Analog Lines– PBX– Local Gateway (FXS ports)– Gatekeeper —–Internet —– Remote Gatewasy (FXS ports)– Analog Telephones.

    The PBX will, if I’m lucky, be bought at eBay. The PBX will give me the CDRs that I need in ASCII format, which I will parse before entering into a Database. This Database will be integrated into a Web page that will be able to provide customers with up to date information.

    What do you think about this? Do you think that the Quintum tenor A800 work? What do you recommend?

    Please give your input. Do believe me when I say that any and all suggestions/comments will be welcomed as well as appreciated.

    Best regards,


    Note: Please remove “NoSPAM” from my addres if you wish to contact me directly.

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    You can do it with or without the PBX. Use Quintum it will generate the CDR’s for you through their CDR Server software shipped with the gateway. If you buy Quintum used you may not get the latest release and the cDR server software. Very limited.. Suggest using a billing platform if you intend to do serious billing while using a RADIUS Server. You can not do Radius and the cdr server together it’s one or the other. I have infomration describing the pbx setup if need be, but sounds like extra equipment you don’t need

    Any further questions let me know

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