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    Fred Schmidt

    Dear iE User Group,
    I assigned an internal IP Address to my iEnsemble and another internal IP Address to my computer, where the Bravo runs on.
    I did the IP settings and General settings in my iEnsemble and I have the appropriate script for my FXO port, since I am using FXO for my national and international calls and now I need to know what Information from other iEnsembles I have to give into my iEnsemble to get connected with those (for example perhaps changes into my FXO script by giving Info for “Callsetup” and also perhaps by giving some Info in Phone Directory and so on).

    With too many thanks,
    Fred Schmidt


    please add me to the iensemble mailing list, and also is new website for old vive.

    Reply to Fred

    Hello Fred,

    For connecting to other iEnsembles and other Gateways in general, you need to place their IP addresses in the Phone directory. Also, you need to modify your scripts accordingly. If you could send a sample of your script we could take a look at it and advice on the Phone directory settings.


    Vivek Sharma

    Dear Sergey Starik,
    Thanks for your free calling to Moscow i am really delighted, right now i am facing some problems i got the phone connected and everything was working very very well don;t know what happened two days back it is not working only the I.P address the message at the Moscow centre is working, Please Starik If you can tell me how can i fix that problem it would be great, I am missing my girl a lot and overall i am from a middle class family can;t afford please help me with the net meeting it would be great.
    With regards
    Vivek Sharma

    Ensemble user

    please list me up to mailing list. my email is

    Gary Laspa

    I was intrested in finding out if you knew any companies using VOIP that is PC to Phone in India to call from India to US for business purpose how is the quality of sound any references of customers doing this would be greatly appreciated

    John Freeman

    There is a guy called “Schomburg” in germany. He was a former representative from VIVE (the iEnsemble! manufacturer) and he is now offereing worldwide VoIP service for other iEnsemble! users. Maybe he has some used Ensembles. I checked the SCS service with my iEnsemble!, it is very good quality and cheap and you get a password for a website where you can see your CDRs, invoices account etc., and they also have new a callingcard solution with voiceprompts on their platform so that you do not need a own billing system for your Ensemble and you can still start selling callingcards at once without that a bravo billing – just with an ensemble – really cool solution so setup a own callingcard business without much investment.


    Please add me to Ensemble maling list :




    does enyone has tested any PC Router that works with iensemble for both directions and which stting mast be in LAN/WAN for iE?

    Does anyone has experience with
    Dualgatekeeper or
    Wooweb-Pro for
    or Linux router
    or anyother but ro work with iEnsemble.

    Many thanks

    Mark Soltz

    I have an Ensemble and I was wondering if i could join your group. I bought a pair to test them and the company closed…can you add me to the Ensemble


    Abe Atienza

    I am evaluating VoIP equipment as a link for a help desk and eventually a full blown call center. It will also be the communication transport for our offices worldwide. Is Vive the perfect choice for this project? Having read some of the negative feedbacks on this forum. Please give me some feedback on satisfied users including approx capex.

    Thanks for the help.


    I’m trying to test iEnsemble-A
    One device at our other office..and other is here.
    I didn’t do anything about scripts.
    And I added nmber 222 and the ip of other ensemble. But when I dial 222 from device it transmits nothing from ethernet to connect to other device.And after 5 secs it gives busy signal.What’s wrong with it?
    And what should I do to use it with netmeeting stuff?




    Please add me to you iensemble

    Abelardo C. Atienza

    Hi! my email address is

    Please include me in the list. I need your help. Tks.

    Abe Atienza

    F. Ahmed

    please list me up to mailing list. my email is

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 80 total)
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